How to Shield in Melty Blood Type Lumina

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How to shield in Melty Blood Type Lumina is one of the most important skills you'll want to prioritize learning as soon as possible. Each character has a defensive Shield move that lets them parry strikes and deliver an immediate counterattack. This parry move even has several follow-ups, but the defensive goodness doesn't end there. Here's how to use your shield in Melty Blood Type Lumina.


How To Shield in Melty Blood Type Lumina

You can hold your shield out by pressing the "D" button on Melty's unique Numpad configuration. Tapping the button only puts the Shield up for a short time, but you can hold it up for longer. The Shield parries are similar to blocks, where the parry nullifies any hits you take, though it can be opened up with the same weaknesses as blocks.

The reward for shielding against attacks having a small percentage of the damage parried converted to healing. Additionally, some situationally un-blockable attacks can be made blockable if you use the Shield instead. It's a crucial tool in improving defense and staying alive in matches longer.

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How To Shield in Melty Blood Type Lumina - Shield Followups

Melty Blood Type Lumina parry

When you successfully parry a hit with Shield, you have a window to follow up with three different attacks.

The A+C attack follow-up is a launcher that takes advantage of the opening your parry creates.


The B attack follow-up teleports your character behind your foe, which is helpful against players who rely on ranged attacks.

The B+C follow-up is a Moon Drive attack, where your character cuts diagonally through your foe. It's a good offensive answer that the launcher can't reach and the teleport is too predictable to use.

How To Shield in Melty Blood Type Lumina - How to Counter Parry

Melty Blood Type Lumina shield

Players on the receiving end of a parry can also use their Shield to defend. This system is cyclical for both players and can keep triggering their shields up until a player gets hit or both of them use the B+C followup.

If seen in fights, the players will see a scene straight out of popular shounen anime where combatants are rapidly moving and teleporting around to outmaneuver their foe.

If not for the defensive improvement, learn to use the Shield parry just for how cool it looks when both players start parrying attacks consecutively.


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