Melty Blood Type Lumina Moon Drive - How To Use Moon Drive and Moon Skills

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Melty Blood Type Lumina Moon Drive is an essential skill that draws on the new Moon Drive gauge used to steal the momentum from your foe. Using the gauge gives you access to stronger special moves and superior midair movement. Here's how to use Melty Blood Type Lumina Moon Drive to your advantage.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Moon Drive - What Is Moon Drive

The Moon Drive system has three uses: Moon Skills, activating the Moon Drive, and using the B+C follow-up during Shield follow-ups.


The Moon Drive meter actually has 11 points. Each skill, naturally, takes a certain portion of your meter, but there's plenty of room for creative combo chaining.

Refilling the Moon Drive meter requires players to land or receive clean hits in neutral. Overall, refilling the Moon Drive meter is not a problem.

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Melty Blood Type Lumina Moon Skills

The Moon Drive meter's main use is, of course, letting you use a Moon Skill. Moon Skills are improved versions of a character's special moves and are more advantageous, as they're often faster, last longer, and safer. Players who land their Moon Skill on their foes can rely on these moves to continually ramp up the pressure.

Moon Skills also have clash frames, which allow the moves to muscle through some hits at times. Players who wants force an advance can rely on the moves as long as the clash frames are used well.

On the receiving end, predictable Moon Skills lose Shield parries, as the ability to return the Shield is removed from Moon Skill users. Alternatively, missing these moves' landing also leaves you vulnerable to attack.


Moon Drive Skill Costs

These are the costs for the Moon actions:

  • Moon Skill - 3 points
  • Moon Drive Activation - At least 5 points (Half Moon), and draining it to 0. Moon Drive drains faster when activated at lower Moon meter.
  • B+C followup during Shield - Half of Moon meter
  • Moon Skills during Moon Drive - 2 points

Melty Blood Type Lumina Moon Drive - Other Moon Drive Benefits

Other than using Moon Skills, players can also go all in and activate their Moon Drive. This power-up form grants you two jumps, one forward air-dash, and one mid-air backdash in mid-air, which gives you superior air movement. Meanwhile, Moon Skills cost less during this phase, which lets you use up to five Moon Skills in rapid succession while the gauge drains.


During combos and pressure, activating Moon Drive also gives you an opening to continue the attacks or prevent your foe from landing a punish. Finally, the Moon Drive activation has a defensive use. The brief pause time means you can deliver a cleaner reversal attack to shut down a foe's a pressure.

Overall, the Moon Drive system is a great tool to assist players and characters in dealing with their foe's attacks and start their own gameplan against them.

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