Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Jump Cancel

Wondering how to jump cancel In Melty Blood Type Lumina? Players have some moves that let them jump after landing a hit on their foes, and it's a helpful escape option. While it doesn't make sense at first, jump cancellable attacks are actually a cornerstone of offense and defense in anime fighting games. Here's how players can jump cancel in Melty Blood Type Lumina.

How To Jump Cancel in Melty Blood Type Lumina

Jump Cancelling in Melty Blood Type Lumina is simple. You can turn any basic A, B, or C normal attack can be jump cancelled on hitting the foe. This on-hit jump cancel is mostly used to extend combos after launchers and continue air combos to deal more damage.

You can use Jump Cancels in a more advanced way to force a reset situation and make an unsafe, punishable attack that can be followed up with an evasive or defensive move. Lastly, jump cancels can also intentionally leave an opening in block pressure to encourage or surprise a foe as they attempt to escape your pressure.

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Melty Blood Type Lumina Jump Cancel
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Melty Blood Type Lumina Jump Cancel

Why Jump Cancel

While it doesn't look like much, jump cancelling attacks allow players to reset their character back to a position to attack again or defend. After jump cancelling, players can not only just swing for another attack, but can also block, parry using Shield, and even air dash out of harm's way.

Overall, jumping after moves that can be jump cancelled is often a good idea, as enemies are often still recovering from the blockstun, which leaves an opening for jumping out of the way. However, as with any move, your opponents can learn patterns and adapt to exploit your weaknesses. Exercise caution, and adjust as needed.

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