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Marvel Future Revolution PC - How to Play on PC

Looking for a Marvel Future Revolution PC workaround? We don't blame you. The big, new open-world Marvel game is one of the most exciting since Marvel's Avengers, and the mobile-exclusive title doesn't even look that far off the recent Square Enix console game. But whether your phone or tablet isn't up to the job or you'd just rather play it on the big screen, there is a way to splice in Marvel Future Revolution PC support. And it really couldn't be easier.

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The method we'll be covering below is a catch-all for mobile releases. That means it will work with just about any mobile game out there—including some region-locked titles like Raganarok X. So if you ultimately use this neat little life hack to get deeper into the mobile gaming universe, check out our list of the best Android strategy games, the best Android card games, and maybe even check out our all-encompassing tier list hub for the biggest mobile games around. And yes, that includes a Marvel Future Revolution tier list as well.

How to Play Marvel Future Revolution on PC


While it's true that plenty of mobile games eventually land on platforms like Steam with full crossplay support, Marvel Future Revolution isn't likely to be one of them. Netmarble doesn't have a solid history of tossing their mobile releases on PC game storefronts, and this exciting new Marvel game isn't set to show up on Steam anytime soon, either.

But why wait on what might never happen? With an emulator, you can make your own Marvel Future Revolution PC version.

By downloading and installing something like Bluestacks, you can run a version of Android from within Windows, and by installing Marvel Future Revolution within it, you'll be able to play the popular mobile game on your PC or laptop with full keyboard/mouse support. And unlike on mobile, you can even play this particular one with a controller, too.

Here's a quick rundown of how to play Marvel Future Revolution PC:

  • Download and install Bluestacks.
  • Go through the initial Bluestacks setup until you reach the main app screen.
  • Use Ctrl+Shift+8 to open the Multi-Instance manager.
  • Click 'New Instance' and create a 'Fresh' instance.
  • Select 'Nougat 64-bit' from the dropdown menu and select the PC resources you'd like the emulator to use.
  • Hit 'Create' and wait for the instance to be created.
  • Hit 'Start' on the 64-bit instance that should now be on the list.
  • Install 'Marvel Future Revolution' from the Google Play Store or through an APK downloaded from another site.
  • Run the game.

If you need a little more help than that, follow the detailed Marvel Future Revolution PC installation guide below. It won't take long.

Using Bluestacks to emulate a Marvel Future Revolution PC build.
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Downloading Bluestacks

Bluestacks isn't the only Android emulator out there, but it's certainly one of the more well-known ones. It's been around for many years now, and while it's not made by a big mobile game publisher like Tencent's Gameloop, it often runs official promotions with games like Ragnarok X, reassuring players that they won't get banned from their favourite mobile games just for playing them with a mouse and keyboard or gamepad.

To play the emulated Marvel Future Revolution PC game, you just need to go to the Bluestacks website. Download Bluestacks 5 from there, install it to your PC or laptop, and follow the install procedure.

How to create a 64-bit instance in Bluestacks for Marvel Future Revolution PC.
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Configuring Bluestacks 64-bit


Bluestacks still defaults to a 32-bit Android client when it first boots up. As mobile processors and memory speed up, more and more games are leveraging the 64-bit pipeline, making this a no-go for a Marvel Future Revolution PC install.

To get around this, all you need to do is manually create a 64-bit instance within Bluestacks. Down worry, it's real easy. Once you're on the main Bluestacks home screen with the few apps it comes with, either click the 'Multi-Instance Manager' button toward the bottom of the right-side menu or press Ctrl+Shift+8 to reach it instead.

From there, you want to create a 64-bit instance. Just hit 'New Instance' at the bottom, then 'Fresh Instance', and select the Nougat 64-bit option from the dropdown list. You can use Pie if you'd like, but expect some stability issues.

After that, all you need to do is use the dropdown boxes and radio buttons to designate how much of your system resources you want the emulator to use. The more you allow, the smoother the game should run.

Anything less is primarily just for the sake of multi-tasking stability on older machines or for running multiple instances at the same time if you plan on multi-boxing mobile games with your newfound power. Click 'Create' when you're done and you're (almost) good to go.

With all that sorted, the 64-bit instance should show on the multi-instance manager list. Hit 'Start' on the newly created instance and Bluestacks will reboot into the 64-bit window after going through that first-time setup again.

How Bluestacks looks with a Marvel Future Revolution PC install.
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Downloading and Installing Marvel Future Revolution PC


Now that you're in a 64-bit Bluestacks instance, it's down to download and install your Marvel Future Revolution PC game.

If you're attempting this from a country where Google Play or the game isn't yet available (or you just prefer to do things outside of Google Play), just download the Marvel Future Revolution APK from a repository site. Drag and drop it into Bluestacks and it should soon pop up on the main screen like any other phone app.

For most other players, just load up the Google Play Store app through Bluestacks, sign in to your Google account, search for Marvel Future Revolution, and download the game like you normally would on an actual Android device.

Once the game is installed, fire it up, let it download the meat of the game (around 5GB) and you should be all set. If you're playing from an unsupported region, using a VPN to disguise your connection as being from a supported country like Canada, the US, or the UK should be enough to get you through the door.

Marvel Future Revolution PC gameplay running on the Bluestacks emulator.
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Marvel Future Revolution PC Controls


So how do you play a faked Marvel Future Revolution PC build with a keyboard and mouse, anyway? It's a phone game designed for touch screens, after all.

Thankfully, Bluestacks make this super easy as well. Keyboard and mouse controls are automatically mapped as soon as you fire up the game. Those little keybind markers all over your screen represent the keys you'll use to mimic touchscreen inputs.

The same goes for Marvel Future Revolution controller support as well. If you're playing through Bluestacks with a gamepad connected, it will automatically map and switch to gamepad controls, enabling you to use something like an Xbox controller to immediately play the game.

For QTEs that use swipes, the left and right joysticks will work like a sliding finger. For static elements like menu buttons along the top of the screen a little later on, just press the Start button on your controller to enter mouse mode, which enabled the left joystick to move the cursor, and then tap it again to switch straight back to regular gamepad controls.

If you ever want to rebind these default control schemes, just click the keyboard icon on the right-most menu bar of Bluestacks itself.

How to change settings in Marvel Future Revolution.
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Marvel Future Revolution Settings


Emulation is hard. PC processors are simply built differently to mobile processors. Just because a PC can run a graphics-intensive game like Cyberpunk 2077 at a rock-solid 60fps, that doesn't mean it can do the same with a less complex mobile game. It doesn't matter if you pick a top-tier PvP character like Spider-Man, you won't win matches with a rapidly fluctuating framerate and the input issues that come with it.

If you're struggling to hit a stable framerate in your Marvel Future Revolution PC emulation, you might want to tone down the settings just a little. Keep the frame rate on high just to unlock the 30fps cap, but turn things down to the point where you can actually play the game comfortably.

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You can do this at virtually any point (even in cutscenes) by opening up the menu in the top-right of the screen. Go into detailed settings from there and incrementally tweak anything you don't really need to enjoy the game. Once you're able to maintain a solid framerate in some heavy fights, you can sit peacefully knowing you'll be grinding levels efficiently.

And that's it! By following the steps above, hopefully you won't have had too much trouble setting up a Marvel Future Revolution PC build. Once you tie your account to something like Google Play, you'll be free to jump between playing the same characters across mobile, tablet, and PC.

Other Marvel Future Revolution Emulators

If Bluestacks isn't the emulator for you, there are plenty of alternatives. Android emulators have been around for years and are constantly evolving to support bigger and better mobile titles. While most are developed by third-parties, some are developed by the game publishers themselves, ensuring perfect performance with their own titles.

Best Android Emulators for Marvel Future Revolution:


No emulator is currently partnering with Marvel Future Revolution to offer proper compatibility. We can't guarantee that any of the above emulators will run the game well or even at all, but if you're struggling with Bluestacks, it's worth trying some of the well-known emulators above.

Netmarble doesn't discourage users from using emulators to play its games, but it has spoken on the matter before to simply say it can't help with technical support if you run into an issue while playing on one.

What is the Best Marvel Future Revolution Emulator?

Right now, the best Marvel Future Revolution emulator appears to be LDPlayer. We don't know what kind of magic it pulls behind that gorgeous UI, but players around the web are convinced its the more stable choice for this particular game.

Though we haven't tested it ourselves, the setup process should be largely the same. Just install it, grab your Marvel Future Revolution APK, and play away. If it doesn't work, check for some 64-bit option. Bluestacks needed that to run the game. If LDPlayer can't run the game without it, that's what you need to look for.