Marvel Future Revolution Controller Support - Can You Play With a Gamepad?

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Hoping to play Marvel Future Revolution, controller in hand? You're not alone. After months of exciting pre-release trailers and region-locked beta tests, the biggest Marvel game since Marvel's Avengers is finally here, and we're starting to get answers to questions we've had since the game was announced. One of the most important questions is whether or not Marvel Future Revolution controller support exists. Can you play this button-mashing game with a gamepad? It's complicated.

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Does Marvel Future Revolution Support Controllers?

As of the game's launch, Marvel Future Revolution controller support is virtually non-existent. Although you can connect a controller on both iOS and Android and move your character around with the left stick, it only accepts very basic four-directional movement.

The wonky movement isn't ideal for a beat 'em up, and even then it only works some of the time, as if it's only reading a simple digital input as opposed to analog. One push might have you step, while another push might have you run. It's finicky, unreliable, and simply not usable.


The same goes for the buttons. The right trigger will launch your basic attack, a face button might launch one of your bigger attacks, but the rest are inaccessible. It's like playing with an NES controller.

While Marvel Future Revolution controller support isn't really there at the minute, that doesn't mean it won't come to the game.

The developers over at Netmarble have spoken on the subject before, adding that support for gamepads could be explored in future updates. It's probably more a case of requiring player feedback first. If enough people want it, it may just happen.

Marvel villain MODOK laughing.

How To Enable Marvel Future Revolution Controller Support

Just because the game doesn't officially support controllers, that doesn't mean you have to settle for touchscreen controls. If you're ok with playing the game on a PC or laptop, you can have another program add Marvel Future Revolution controller support for you.

Simply put, it's all about running the game in an emulator like Bluestacks. We've covered it extensively in our Marvel Future Revolution PC guide for this exact reason.

Once you fire up the game on a PC with a controller plugged in, the emulator will automatically remap the on-screen buttons to match your controller. It's as simple as that.


And it works rather well. Aside from some awkward hand gymnastics needed to access the menus (which isn't great in a hurry) you can beat up New Stark City Ultrons until the Skrulls come home.