Best Lost Ark Gunslinger Build For PvP and PvE

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March 26, 2022: We're going to make a start on updating this Lost Ark Gunslinger build guide to reflect the most recent patch.

If you’re looking for a scrappy ranged fighter, then our Lost Ark Gunslinger build guide has exactly what you need. The Gunslinger in Lost Ark is a dynamic DPS class focused on high mobility and dealing extensive damage at all ranges, though settling on a class Engraving may remove their up-close attack capabilities


Either way, the Gunslinger is a solid choice for PvP and PvE, especially with these builds. This Gunslinger guide covers the best choices for leveling (PvE, essentially), Raids, and PvP. Note we've opted for the Peacemaker class Engraving, which boosts critical rate and lets you continue using the shotgun.

For more guides, we suggest reading up on Lost Ark controller support. That's a nice way to play it like a console game on your couch. And if you're playing for the first time, our Lost Ark leveling guide can speed things up.

Bset Lost Ark Gunslinger Build For PvE

Skill Point Priority Level Runes Effect
Spiral Tracker1N/AContinuous ranged damage
Quick Step4Excellent MobilitySlide, then fire
Somersault Shot1N/AMove forward 10 meters, then fire
Equilibrium10Weakness Exposure, Enemy Raid, Vital Point ShotFires handgun and hits across a broad range
Death Fire10Keen Strike, Flame Bomb, Infinite DecimationContinuous heavy damage, throws grenade if you strike the Perfect Zone
Dextrous Shot1N/AGlide and unleash four consecutive shots. Can be used twice
Bullet Rain4AoE FireHeavy damage in broad AoE
Peacekeeper4Excellent MobilityHeavy damage, chain as combo for higher power
Shotgun Rapid Fire12In a Tight Spot, Enhanced Shot, Special BulletThree-blast shotgun strike
Last Request1N/AFires an explosive round that launches foes
Dual Buckshot1N/ATwo-blast shotgun strike
Sharpshooter12Ranged Shot, Omnidirectional Fire, Guardian's BreathSeven consecutive shotgun strikes
Spiral Flame10Quick Aim, Growth Bullet, Rear BlastStrong shot that launches foes and sets the nearby area on fire
Perfect Shot1N/AFires one high-powered round
Focused Shot12Quick Aim, Double Tap, Final StrikeTwo-shot rifle blast
Target Down1N/AThree

The Gunslinger’s leveling build includes a broad range of attacks and attack types, from heavy-hitting combo moves to those designed to increase mobility. That’s good, since mobility is key in most of Lost Ark’s bigger conflicts. When you need to keep your distance and do more damage than just the regular sniper rifle allows, Spiral Tracker, Death Fire, and Bullet Rain keep you safe without letting the fight drag on.


This build's shotgun and rifle skills are where most of your damage comes from, and unlike the PvP build, it leans more heavily into AoE attacks and those that deal continuous damage.

A coastal landscape in Lost Ark

Best Lost Ark Gunslinger Build For PvP

Skill Point Priority Level Runes Effect
Spiral Tracker4Weakness ExposureContinuous ranged damage
AT02 Grenade7Ranged Throw, Freeze GrenadeHeavy explosive AoE damage
Quick Step7Excellent Mobility, TenacitySlide forward then fire
Somersault Shot10Agile Movement, Master of Evasion, Super ArmorDash forward, then fire
Death Fire10Tenacity, Chain Throw, Infinite DecimationContinuous ranged damage
Dexterous Shot7Agile Movement, Excellent MobilityFire while moving
Peacekeeper4Excellent MobilityHeavy damage, chain for combos
Bullet Rain1N/AHeavy damage
Hour of Judgment1N/AHeavy close-range damage
Shotgun Rapid Fire4Combo Rapid FireThree attacks that may stagger
Last Request10Quick Prep, Execution, VolleyOne heavy blast that launches foes
Sharpshooter4Endless Magick BulletFires seven consecutive shots
Spiral Flame4Quick AimStrong fire shot that launches enemies
Catastrophe10Tenacity, Defenseless Target, Carpet BombingThrows an explosive that deals heavy damage and launches foes
Perfect Shot7Stable Stance, Perfect AimFires one long-range bullet that deals incredibly high damage
Focused Shot10Quick Aim, Enhanced Bullet, Quick FinishFires the rifle twice

The Gunslinger PvP build uses most of the same skills, but the skill point investment is heavier, which opens more options for runes/tripods. The goal here is augmenting the base skills and giving them more destructive power. For example, AT02 Grenade is fine on its own, but the Freeze rune gives it significantly more utility in a PvP setting. Adding Excellent Mobility lets you move even further after using a skill, including skills that already have extra movement built in. Your enemies can’t hit you if they can’t catch you.


The Shotgun and Rifle skills are fairly straightforward and focus on dealing tremendous amounts of damage and close and long range. They might be more limited in scope, but these are the skills that will see you through to victory.

What Are the Best Gunslinger Raid Skills?

Skill Point Priority Level Rune Effect
Spiral Tracker4Weakness ExposureExtended ranged damage
AT02 Grenade1N/AThrows a grenade to deal heavy fire damage
Quick Step4Life AbsorptionDash forward and fire a shot
Somersault Shot1N/ALeap forward and fire a shot
Equilibrium1N/ABroad AoE attack
Dexterous Shot7Weakness Exposure, Excellent MobilityGlide and fire four consecutive shots
Peacekeeper4Exceptional MobilityHeavy damage, string together for combos
Bullet Rain1N/AContinuous AoE damage
Shotgun Rapid Fire12In a Tight Spot, Enhanced Shot, Special BulletFires three powerful blasts
Last Request7Quick Prep, ExecutionFires an explosive round that launches foes
Dual Buckshot12In a Tight Spot, Enhanced Fire, Final StrikeFire two powerful blasts
Sharpshooter12Special Bullet, In a Tight Spot, Guardian's BreathFire seven consecutive blasts
Catastrophe1N/AThrows an explosive, launches foes
Perfect Shot12Stable Stance, Kill Confirmation, Enhanced ShotFires one high-powered round, deals extra damage if you hit the Perfect Zone
Focused Shot12Quick Aim, Double Tap, Final StrikeFires two rifle blasts
Target Down12Quick Aim, Large Magazine, Steady AimFires three strong, aimed blasts

The Raid build emphasizes the shotgun and rifle more than the pistols, expanding on the Gunslinger’s more powerful skills to make short work of foes. The Shotgun build in particular brings out the best of the Peacemaker Engraving and works wonders with a Crit-focused equipment loadout, especially Rapid Fire and Sharpshooter. It's a powerful build sure to see you through the toughest endgame challenges Lost Ark throws at you.


If you’re still getting to grips with Lost Ark, check out our recommendations for the best starting classes. The Powerpass and Knowledge Transfer systems means you won’t be stuck in one class if you want to change things up, so check out our other build guides as well, including Bard and Paladin, and how to level up your gear. They're all worthwhile guides.