Is Lost Ark Coming to Console? PS4, PS5, and Xbox

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If you’re wondering about a Lost Ark console release, chances are, you’ll need to keep wondering. Smilegate made no definitive comments about the prospect of Lost Ark on consoles at some point in the future, but for the global launch outside Korea, the developer is focusing entirely on PC.

It’s not dissimilar to Amazon Games’ other MMO, New World, though Smilegate’s track record does suggest there’s hope for a port of some kind, even if it’s not necessarily on console.

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Is Lost Ark PC Only?

Yes, for now at least. On the game’s frequently asked questions page, the developers included that same question, “Will it only be on PC?” and provided the short answer “Yes, Lost Ark is only available on PC.”

For now, you’ll have to play Lost Ark through Steam. Make sure to link your Steam account to Twitch to claim the first round of Lost Ark Twitch Drops as well.

Will Lost Ark on Console Ever Happen?

It’s possible. Smilegate didn’t rule it out completely, and several of their previous games have launched on console. Final Assault released on PC and PS4 in 2019, for example, and CrossfireX is planned for Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The difference, obviously, is the effort it takes to port Lost Ark to other consoles. Smilegate would need dedicated servers to run it and integrate online functions with PlayStation and Xbox. It’s a considerable amount of extra work and cost, especially seeing as Lost Ark has already been around on PC for a few years in other countries.

Again, it doesn’t rule out a Lost Ark console port completely, but it does seem unlikely, at least for a few years.

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