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Screenshot from Lords Mobile, showing a battlefield with medieval fighters

Screenshot from Lords Mobile, showing a battlefield with medieval fighters
March 4, 2024: We checked for new Lords Mobile codes and added a new one.

Fancy some Lords Mobile codes? Well, you’re in the right place! Our handy list will give you the rundown on all the active codes in I Got Games’ real-time strategy extravaganza. The game is a seasoned classic in the mobile genre, following its release in 2016.

With its clever mix of turn-based mechanics and intense medieval battle, Lords Mobile is a bona fide hit - and, as such, it attracts plenty of inquisitive players. These codes will give new players, and veterans alike, a much-needed boost of resources and power-ups.

Our codes should provide you a welcome dose of new items in your inventory - but this isn’t the only game we can hook you up with freebies for. If you’re active on the Roblox game platform, then our code guides will definitely prove useful. We’ve got Shindo Life codes, Blox Fruits codes, and King Legacy codes, too. That’s more than enough to keep your accounts stocked up with freebies.

New Lord Mobile codes (March 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Lords Mobile Codes

Code Reward
New PlayLM4PC 10x 60 mins Speed Up Training, 10x 30 mins Speed Up Training, 2x Emote Stamp
New LM2024 10x Snow Queen, 10x 25% Gold Boost, 10x 25% Ore Boost, 10x 25% Timber Boost, 10x 25% Stone Boost, 10x 25% Food Boost,10x 10 mins Speed Up Training, 10x 10 mins Speed Up Research, 10x 1,000 Energy, 1x 25% Player EXP Boost
New LM001 10x Incinerator, 1x Braveheart, 3x 100 VIP Points, 10x 10 mins Speed Up, 10x 10 mins Speed Up Research, 10x 150,000 Food, 10x 50,000 Stones, 10x 50,000 Ore, 10x 50,000 Timber, 10x 50,000 Gold

Expired Codes


What are Lords Mobile codes?

Lords Mobile is a game with some deep mechanics, and our codes will give you some free boosts to help make your experience easier. The codes can give you everything from Gems to much-needed building resources, and as such, it’s a good idea to redeem them when you can.

Primarily, our Lords Mobile codes will prove very convenient for providing free currency. The game’s two main currencies are Gold and Gems - and good news for you, as our codes have both. Gold is the base currency in Lords Mobile, and can be used to purchase much-needed cargo for crafting or to unlock new quests to undertake. Gems are slightly more premium, but their function is broadly similar: they’ll grant you resources like Ore, Gold, and Wood, which are crucial for upgrading your kingdom.

Equally, our codes will also snag you some time-saving boosts. Don’t want to hang around and wait for a research timer to count down? Fear not - you can use the Speed Up Research boosts to chop that time down by a significant margin. This is the sort of premium boost that’s usually reserved for in-app purchases, so it’s definitely a generous freebie from I Got Games.

Screenshot of a battle sequence in Lords Mobile, with a green field and soldiers fighting on both sides
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How to redeem Lord Mobile codes?

The good news is that redeeming Lords Mobile codes is a very simple process. However, there are different steps, depending on whether you’re playing on PC or mobile.

  • If you’re on PC, head to the Lords Mobile Exchange Center site
  • From there, input your IGG ID or player name, and the code, in two text boxes
  • Hit Claim, and if they’re valid, you’ll be greeted with some new freebies

The mobile redemption process is slightly different and varies based on whether you're playing on Android or iOS.

  • On the app, click the gears icon in the bottom-right corner to take you to the Settings menu
  • On Android, scroll down on this landing page and you’ll find the Redemption Code section. Note that this doesn’t appear for new accounts, so those players will need to use the website!
  • If you're on iOS, you'll need to reach level three first. Then click Events, then News, and the Redemption Code section will greet you
  • Type in your code, and if it’s valid, redeem as normal. You’ll then have your new items!

How to get more Lord Mobile codes

The good news is that the Lords Mobile community is still wildly active, even five years after the game’s launch. As such, new codes are still dropping on a frequent basis. Your first port of call should be the Lords Mobile Discord server, where thousands of fans still communicate regularly.

Developers often pop in to provide updates or to announce special events - and for the game’s recent fifth anniversary, a Discord-based special event gave out tons of free codes to those in the server. Equally, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the official Facebook page for Lords Mobile, where new codes are often posted.

Artwork from Lords Mobile showing the new character Lionel, with gray skin, a green beard, and a regal crown.
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Of course, we also recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often, as we’ll be updating our list as and when new Lords Mobile codes drop. Keep an eye out, and enjoy the in-game freebies!

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