Today's Loldle Ability answer - Solution for Loldle Ability 36 (August 11)

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August 11, 2022: Here's today's Loldle Ability answer!

Looking for the Loldle Ability answer today? Loldle is a brand new, fan made League of Legends "Wordle" style game. Instead of guessing a random word, you're guessing a champion from the game.

This game has evolved the traditional style of these kinds of games with three additional modes: Quote, Ability and Splash. The Ability mode gives you the art for an ability of a champion, and you have to guess which champ has that ability.

If you're playing this mode, be sure to check out our other guides for Classic Mode, Quote, and Splash. Also be sure to check out League of Legend's newest patch, and the global Star Guardian Event.


Today's Loldle Ability answer

Here is the champion who has this ability:

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art for Annie's Summon Tibbers ability in League of Legends
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  • Annie

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How Do I Play Loldle Ability Today?

Loldle is a fairly new game, only about a week old, but it's already got a few thousand daily players. To play, head over to, and select Ability mode. You'll see the ability art at the top of the screen and a box where you can type in your guesses.

What is the Best First Loldle Ability Pick?


In the Ability mode, you don't have any hints to know how close you are to the right answer. You're either right or you're wrong. Similar to the Quote mode, this will require you to have some champion knowledge.

There really isn't a "best" pick to go for first. This mode will require you to use some sort of context clues in the ability art to guess correctly. Typically, the art on champion abilities follow the theme of the champion itself, so you can use this to narrow down your choices.

League of Legends Ivern's Triggerseed ability art
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For example, this art looks to be something with an orb, light and nature focused. Some reasonable guesses would be Bard, or maybe Karma. This is an the Triggerseed ability of Ivern, which makes a bunch of sense.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to get that Loldle Ability Answer. Also check out our daily Wordle Answer as well!