Today's Loldle Splash answer - Solution for Loldle Splash 33 (August 8)

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August 8, 2022: Here's today's Loldle Splash answer!

Looking for the Loldle Ability answer today? Loldle is a brand new, fan made League of Legends "Wordle" style game. Instead of guessing a random word, you're guessing a champion from the game.

This game has evolved the traditional style of these kinds of games with three additional modes: Quote, Ability and Splash. The Splash mode gives you a small segment of some champion splash art, and you have to figure out which champion the art is for.

If you're playing this mode, be sure to check out our other guides for Classic Mode, Quote, and Ability. Also be sure to check out League of Legend's newest patch, and the global Star Guardian Event.

Today's Loldle Splash answer - August 8, 2022

Snippet of Sona's Guqin art in League of Legends
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The Champion today's Loldle Splash belongs to is Sona.

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How Do I Play Loldle Splash Today?

Loldle is a fairly new game, only about a week old, but it's already got a few thousand daily players. To play, head over to, and select Splash mode. You'll see the splash art at the top of the screen and a box where you can type in your guesses.

What is the Best First Champion Pick?


Unlike Classic modes, there's no criteria on which you're judge on for your choices. You're either right or wrong. This is one of the harder modes of the game as this mode requires you to have a bit more champion knowledge to get this efficiently.

There isn't really a "best" first champion pick that you can always go for. This is going to honestly come down to what the art piece is. The art can range from the base splash art, to splash art for a skin, some of which have other champions in the picture.

The strat for this mode is really to try to identify what you can based on shapes or colors.

Loldle Splash art for Thresh in League of Legends
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For example, in this art, we see a color palette of blues and greens, darker colors. We also see what looks like a scythe. If we're looking at colors, we're looking at a champion from the Shadow Isles. The scythe could be an Akali blade, but Akali doesn't have a skin that fits this color scheme.

This art belongs to Thresh, and it's his base art.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to get that Loldle Splash Answer. Also check out our daily Wordle Answer as well!