League of Legends Player Creates Wordle Game About Guessing Champions

Artwork of a League of Legends champion.

Artwork of a League of Legends champion.

For better or worse, word guessing game Wordle has become pretty much unavoidable at this point, with a number of variations like Foodle and Lewdle ensuring that everyone can get their own unique guessing fix.

However, for those who speak only the complicated language of League of Legends, there hasn’t been a version that allows you to correctly guess the phrase ‘smurf queue’ or identify ‘jungler’ as today’s word of choice.

Luckily, a player on Reddit has decided to rectify this serious problem, developing their own League-based Wordle game for everyone to enjoy. That’s right, say hello to LoLdle.

Fancy a Game of League Guess Who?

Posting to begin a thread on r/leagueoflegends announcing the game’s arrival, user Pimeko declared: “I just developed loldle.net, a web-game where you have to guess one champion per day and everyone has the same!”

They went on to offer a brief explanation of how the game works, with four different modes, classic, quote, ability, and splash, all offering different types of clues to the identity of a League champion, whom players then have to guess.

As it turns out, this formula has proven incredibly popular with league fans, as shown by Pimeko’s update to their post, which says: “Wow this really blew up!!” and adds: “Since there is a huge spike in the number of users, I am currently updating the server to accept more incoming players. Until then you may experience latency: this is only temporary.”

Some players praised the game in the thread, with user TheAscenseur saying: “I didn't know I needed that until now, this is amazing” and Lostits saying: “adding it to my daily routine of doing a bunch of heardles etc.”

Others shared a few suggestions for minor improvements that could take the game to the next level, with user superiorhumanz saying: “Maybe add the option to give up or automatically give up after X amount of tries. I have no idea who the splash art was for today and kinda want to know”.

Meanwhile, user Wonwill430 expressed a desire for more than a once-a-day dose of LoLdle, saying: “Please make a replayable one!”

Regardless of whether or not you're planning to go all-in on LoLdle, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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