Best Mid Lane Champions in League of Legends 2021

Credit: Image via Riot Games

Credit: Image via Riot Games

The mid-lane is the most skill-based role in League of Legends. Unlike other lanes, the mid-lane features a "1 vs 1" where players with exceptional mechanical skills tend to shine. With that in mind, mid-laners are not only excepted to be mechanically talented but also have a proper understanding of the champion that they choose to play.

Having said that, players who are new to League of Legends can go through our section of available guides. These guides will definitely help in making your life a little bit more comfortable in Summoner's Rift. Here are the guides you can choose from:

It's worth noting League of Legends' developers has revealed that there are going to be big changes to the game's meta as we approach League of Legends World Championship. So we'll likely update this page following the release of League of Legends 11.23 if there are big changes.

Considering the release of Vex: The Gloomy Mage with the release of update 11.19, it is safe to say that the new champion will dominate the mid-lane for a while. However, given that she's a new champion, it will take players some time to get used to casting her abilities optimally.

For now, lets take a look at the Best Mid Lane Champions that League of Legends has to offer.

Best Mid-Laners in LoL

#5 Zed

Zed, the Master of Shadows, is a powerful assassin capable of taking out enemy champions who have low health. However, considering Zed's Contempt for the Weak, passive ability, enemy champions must be extremely careful of being caught out in wrong positions, leading to death.

While his Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash abilities can efficiently deal massive bursts of physical damage to enemies, Zed's Living Shadow ability allows the champion to blink at marked locations to either catch a fleeing enemy or escape from an unfavorable ambush. On top of everything, Zed's ultimate ability, Death Mark, allows the champion to become untargetable and dash through enemy champions while dealing massive bursts of physical damage.

Although Zed is relatively challenging to master, the champion is one of the strongest mid-laners in the current meta. Therefore, players who find it challenging to play Zed to his potential are advised to practice the hero in unranked matches until they can master this truly fearsome champion.

#4 Yasuo

One of the most versatile champions in League of Legends, Yasuo, can be played in any three available lanes in Summoner's Rift. Ideally played as a mid-lane or ADC assassin, the champion can also be played as a top-lane fighter when required.

Yasuo, the Unforgiven, features an arsenal of abilities that amplify his basic attacks, amounting to a massive chunk of physical damage. Additionally, Yasuo's Wind Wall ability allows the champion to block any incoming projectiles (except turret projectiles) for 3.75 seconds. On top of that, Yasuo's ultimate ability, Last Breath, allows the champion to blink to a visible enemy champion and knock them up in the process.

All of these allow Yasuo to hunt down unsuspecting enemy champions to snowball the game eventually. Considering all these factors, Yasuo's potential as a snowballer outweighs his difficulty scale as a champion, making him one of the best champions for the mid-lane in the current meta.

#3 Kassadin

Kassadin is a magical assassin in League of Legends who relies heavily on casting his abilities to deal damage. Additionally, his Void Stone passive ability allows Kassadin to take reduced magic damage from his enemies. Finally, Kassadin's Null Sphere ability enables the champion to deal damage to enemy champions while also gaining a shield that absorbs incoming magic damage.

The champion is also equipped with a slowing ability, Force Pulse, stopping enemies from running away from him or preventing enemies from catching up. Apart from all these, Kassadin is also equipped with a blink in his ultimate ability, Riftwalk.

These abilities allow Kassadin to catch up on unsuspecting enemy champions and delete their entire health pool in a matter of moments. Considering his capabilities, it is safe to say that Kassadin is one of the strongest mid-lane champions who isn't the most difficult to master in the current meta.

#2 Viktor

Viktor, the Machine Herald, is one of the strongest mid-laners with a 51.5% win rate in the current meta. However, even without his win rate in the fray, Viktor is an exceptionally strong mid-lane champion who relies heavily on casting his abilities.

Talking about his abilities, Viktor features a total of four active skills and one passive ability. However, Viktor's passive ability, Glorious Evolution, allows the champion to collect Hex Fragments. Collecting enough hex fragments further augments Viktor's active abilities, effectively granting eight active abilities to the champion.

Although the champion is relatively hard to master, Viktor presents the player with many available options in any given situation. Given the stellar performances in the professional scene with Viktor, it is safe to say that the champion is undoubtedly one of the strongest mid-lane mages in the current meta.

#1 Ahri

One of the most lethal magical assassins in League of Legends, Ahri relies entirely on her abilities to deal damage. However, the champion is capable of wiping out entire health pools of enemy champions in a flash. The champion also features a win rate of 52.1% in the 11.16 update, making it one of the strongest mid-laners in the current meta.

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is an ideal fit for the mid-lane because of her burst damage potential during a match's early and mid-game stages. With a lead of experience and gold, Ahri can quickly become one of the most fearsome champions who take over the entire map.

With that in mind, Ahri is a comparatively more straightforward champion to learn and master. However, similar to most champions that fit the mid-lane, even Ahri features an extremely high skill ceiling. This further means that players who can master this elegant assassin's capabilities in League of Legends will have a better experience in the mid-lane.

General Tips for the Mid Lane

The mid-lane is the most skill-dominated role in League of Legends. However, it is also the role that has access to the highest amount of farm during the early game stage. This presents the mid-lane champion an opportunity to overtake the enemy's farm by simply outplaying the opponent mid-laner. Nevertheless, despite being the most difficult lane in the game, here are a few tips that will help in making your life easier in Summoner's Rift,

  • Always keep an eye out for incoming ambushes from the enemy jungler.
  • Communicate and set up ganks on the enemy champions with the help of your team.
  • Ensure that you do not step out of position and hand over an easy kill for the enemy mid-laner.
  • Always carry enough resources to ensure that you get the maximum experience and farm from the lane.
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