League Of Legends 12.12 Patch Notes: Release Date, Buffs, Nerfs, and New Skins

Ashen Knight Pantheon from League of Legends

Ashen Knight Pantheon from League of Legends

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In the last League of Legends patch, we saw the release of Bel'Veth. Now, in League of Legends 12.12, we will be seeing the nerf of her stats. As is often the case with post-champion release patches, it's time for the latest champion's damage to be taken down a notch. Patch 12.12 has some really interesting things coming, so be sure to continue reading on for more information on what to expect from it.

As with most new patches, we will be seeing some new skin releases too, and Riot is making some really interesting changes for the healers out there now that Grievous Wounds has had some updates.

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When Does League Of Legends Patch 12.12 Go Live?

The League of Legends patch 12.12 is due to go live on June 22, 2022. The key timings are the following:

  • 3AM PT (NA)
  • 5AM GMT (EUE)
  • 3AM CET (EUNE)

When patching begins, the queues and game will be taken down for a couple of hours and will be unplayable for roughly three hours.

Essence Emporium will be back from June 28 to July 12. You'll be able to buy chromas, ward skins, emotes, icons, and much more for Blue Essence. This includes the much-awaited URFWick skin!

After this run of the essence emporium, it is going into hiatus to make it more streamlined and efficient for users. To make up for the hiatus, they're turning the three gemstone bundles into missions so that players will be able to play free-to-play missions that will allow them to get a total of 30 Mythic Essence.

LoL 12.12 Buffs and Nerfs

Amumu, Annie, Blitzcrank, Heimerdinger, Ivern, Jarvan IV, Seraphine, Yorick
Bel'Veth, Dr. Mundo, Fiora, Janna, Lucian, Singed, Viego, Zeri
Katarina, Shaco, Soraka, Yuumi
Night Harvester, Serpent's Fang, Shadowflame

For those who don't want to go through the entire patch notes, we've broken down which characters are seeing buffs, nerfs, and general changes in LoL 12.12 with the table above.

LoL 12.12 Patch Notes

LoL Patch 12.12 Patch Notes



Q: Bandage Toss

  • Mana cost: 70 ⇒ 30/35/40/45/50

R: Curse of the Sad Mummy

  • Damage: 150/250/300 ⇒ 200/300/400


Q: Incinerate

  • AP ratio: 75% ⇒ 80%

R: Summon: Tibbers

  • Tibbers health: 1200/2100/3000 ⇒ 1300/2200/3100
  • Tibbers armor and magic resist: 30/50/70 ⇒ 30/60/90


Base stats

  • Attack range: 125 ⇒ 175
  • Health regen: 8.5 ⇒ 7
  • Health regen per level: 0.85 ⇒ 0.7

Passive: Death in Lavender

  • Value of stacks: 0.25-1.25% attack speed (level 1-18) ⇒ 0.28-1% attack speed (level 1-13)
  • Can now gain stacks off large minions

Q: Void Surge

  • Fixed a bug where Void Surge would case Endless Banquet’s true damage on-hit to deal double damage

E: Royal Maelstrom

  • Damage per hit: 8/11/14/17/20 ⇒ 8/10/12/14/16

R: Endless Banquet

  • Explosion missing health damage: 25/30/35% ⇒ 25%
  • Bonus attack range: 50/75/100 ⇒ 50
  • Void Remora health: 70% ⇒ 50/60/70%
  • Fixed a bug where Bel’Veth would lose Endless Banquet’s bonus health if she devored a void epic coral while already in her true form


Q: Rocket Grab

  • Damage: 90/140/190/240/290 ⇒ 105/155/205/255/305

R: Static Field

  • Damage: 250/375/500 ⇒ 275/400/525

Dr. Mundo

Passive: Goes Where He Pleases

  • Health regeneration: 1-2% ⇒ 0.8-1.6%

R: Maximum Dosage

  • Base health increase: 10/15/20% missing health ⇒ 8/11.25/15% missing health


Passive: Duelist’s Dance

  • Maximum health true damage: 3% (+5.5% bonus AD) ⇒ 2% (+5.5 bonus AD)


Q: H-28 G Evolution Turret

  • Turret health: 150-575 ⇒ 175-700
  • Turret base damage: 6/9/12/15/18 ⇒ 7/11/15/19/23

E: CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade

  • Cooldown: 12 seconds ⇒ 11 seconds


Passive: Friend of the Forest

E: Triggerseed

  • Shield: 70/100/130/160/190 ⇒ 80/115/150/185/220

R: Daisy!

  • Daisy health: 1250/2500/3750 ⇒ 1300/2600/3900
  • Daily armor and magic resist: 15/52.5/90 ⇒ 20/60/100


W: Zephyr

  • Movement speed bonus: 6/7.5/9/10.5/12% ⇒ 6/7/8/9/10%
  • Slow: 24/28/32/36/40% ⇒ 20/24/28/32/36%

E: Eye of the Storm

  • Shield: 75/100/125/150/175 (+60% AP) ⇒ 65/90/115/140/165 (+55% AP)

Jarvan IV

Base stats

  • Mana per level: 40 ⇒ 55

Passive: Martial Cadence

  • Cooldown: 6 seconds ⇒ 6/5/4/3 seconds (levels 1/6/11/16)


Passive: Voracity

  • Dagger bonus AD ratio: 75% ⇒ 65%

E: Shunpo

  • Damage: 15/30/45/60/75 (+50% AD) ⇒ 20/35/50/65/80 (+40% AD)

R: Death Lotus

  • Bonus AD ratio: 16% + 12.8% per attack ⇒ 16% + 16% per attack
  • On-hit ratio per dagger: 25/30/35% ⇒ 28/33/38%


Base stats

  • Attack damage: 62 ⇒ 60

Q: Piercing Light

  • Damage: 95/130/165/200/235 ⇒ 95/125/155/185/215


E: Beat Drop

  • Cooldown: 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 seconds ⇒ 10 seconds
  • CC duration: 1 second ⇒ 1.5 seconds


Base stats

  • Armor growth: 4.7 ⇒ 4
  • Health growth: 103 ⇒ 99

Q: Deceive

  • AD ratio: 25% ⇒ 40%

W: Jack In The Box

  • AP ratio: 9% ⇒ 12%

E: Two-Shiv Poison

  • AP ratio: 50% ⇒ 60%
  • AD ratio: 70% ⇒ 75%


W: Mega Adhesive

  • Slow: 60% ⇒ 50/55/50/65/70%

R: Insanity Potion

  • Base stats increase: 30/60/90 ⇒ 20/60/100


R: Wish

  • Healing: 125/200/275 ⇒ 150/250/350
  • No longer removes Grievous Wounds


Passive: Sovereign’s Domination

  • Heal on possession: 2.5% of target’s max health ⇒ 2% of target’s max health

W: Spectral Maw

  • No longer instantly stealthes Viego

R: Heartbreaker

  • Bonus damage: 15/20/25% missing health ⇒ 12/16/20% missing health


Passive: Shepherd of Souls

  • Mist Walker health: 100-185 (+15% Yorick’s health) ⇒ 110-212 (+20% Yorick’s health)
  • Mist Walker move speed: 300 ⇒ 325

R: Eulogy of the Isles

  • Maiden health: 300/1000/3000 (+70% Yorick’s health) ⇒ 350/1100/3300 (+75% Yorick’s health)
  • Maiden chase range on E: 1600 ⇒ 1200


Passive: Bop ‘n’ Block

  • Shield: 56-360 ⇒ 60-380

E: Zoomies!

  • Heal: 70/100/130/160/190 ⇒ 70/90/110/130/150


Base stats

  • Health regen: 3.25 ⇒ 4.5
  • Health regen growth: 0.55 ⇒ 0.7

W: Ultrashock Laser

  • Damage: 10/45/80/115/150 (+150% AD)(+70% AP) ⇒ 20/55/90/125/160 (+130% AD)(+60% AP)


Night Harvester

  • Now includes Fiendish Codex in build path


Predator (Domination)

  • Maximum movement speed: 45% ⇒ 25-50% (based on level)
  • Damage: 40-120 (+20% bonus AD)(+10% AP) ⇒ 20-180 (+25% bonus AD)(+15% AP)
  • Cooldown: 90-60 seconds ⇒ 120-60 seconds

Whilst there are the overall patch notes above, there are also some changes being made to healers. It seems that due to grievous wounds being nerfed two patches ago, healing just wasn't feeling right according to the developers. Therefore, they're working on fixing healing so that it doesn't feel so lacklustre in battles anymore.

This means that Soraka and Yuumi specifically are getting adjustments, with nerfs to champions like Dr. Mundo and Viego putting them in their place.

What New Skins Are Being Released? - LoL 12.12 New Skins

For the more casual players out there who don't necessarily need to know the minute differences in champion performance this time around, the new LoL 12.12 skins below might just help you stay interested for another month.

Ashen Knight Pantheon

Whether he's used on the top, support, or mid lane, Pantheon's new Ashen Knight skin will certainly strike fear into his enemies. You wouldn't want this ghastly apparition dropping on you like a cannonball, that's for sure.

The Ashen Knight Pantheon skin arrives on June 23 2022. Both a chroma pack and an Emberwoken version will also be available.

Snow Moon Caitlyn

A common sight on the bottom lane for over ten years no, this lunar twist to Caitlyn swaps her powerful shots out for cold projectiles that are sure to leave their mark. They contrast well against the battlefield, too, making them a little easier to spot amongst the rabble.

The Snow Moon Caitlyn skin arrives on June 23 2022. A chroma pack will also be available.

Snow Moon Illaoi

The unstoppable Illaoi's position on the top lane will be cemented by her hulking bell weight and ringing gong. Looking positively frosty, it'll be hard to miss her presence on the the rift with this ghostly customisation.

The Snow Moon Illaoi skin arrives on June 23 2022. A chroma pack will also be available.

Snow Moon Kayn

If there's anyone more deserving of a skin inspired by the moon, it's a fighter with a gargantuan scythe that wouldn't look out of place on the big space rock in the sky. The shirtless assassin could swing before, but now he's swinging in style.

Snow Moon Kayn skin arrives on June 23 2022. A chroma pack will also be available.

Aside from the added word that a Final Boss Viegar chroma pack is dropping as well, that's your lot for LoL 12.12. If one of those few Snow Moon skins doesn't whet your appetite, know that the Star Guardian game mode is coming back real soon after its first run a few years back. Generally what that means is a new wave of matching skins as well.

All bets are on for a Luna-styled skin for Yuumi to have the blessed cat match the Sailor Moon vibe of the full set, but you'll have to check back in with us over the following weeks to see just which new skins happen to make the cut.

Overall, though, LoL 12.12 is already proving to be a very interesting patch. It'll be great to see if it takes down Bel'veth's 52% winrate, but these things take time. For more reading, check out our best Junglers tier list Or, if you prefer to be in the bot lane, check out our best support tier list instead. Everybody needs a helping hand.

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