Best Jungling Champions in League of Legends 2021

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Credit: Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is a fairly difficult game for new players. Even without all the complicated gameplay mechanics, there's a lot to know about the various roles and champions available in the game.

Having said that, new players are advised to go through our Beginner's Guide to get a better understanding of LoL.

Given that the jungling role requires a lot of proactive movements across the map, the champions that fit this role are often equipped with dash or blink mechanics. Additionally, players who fulfill this role are also required to have a good understanding of item timings as well as planning ganks on the enemy champions.

Having said that, League of Legends' developers have revealed that there are going to be big changes to the game's meta as we approach League of Legends World Championship. So we'll likely update this page following the release of League of Legends 11.23 if there are big changes.

For now, let's take a look at the best jungling champions that League of Legends has to offer.

Best Junglers in LoL

#5 Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the most iconic junglers in the history of League of Legends. Additionally, his Alpha Strike ability allows Master Yi to also perform as a stealthy assassin when needed. On top of that, Master Yi is an extremely elusive champion, making it even more difficult for his enemies to lock him down.

Apart from all these, Master Yi's Double Strike passive ability allows the champion to deal massive bursts of physical damage to unsuspecting enemies. Subsequently, Double Strike can also be used to land critical hits on enemy structures.

All of these factors combine to make Master Yi one of the most efficient junglers in League of Legends. On top of deleting enemy champions from a team fight, Master Yi's ability to take down structures quickly makes him a must-learn for everyone who dabbles in the jungling role.

#4 Lee Sin

Lee Sin or the Blind Monk is a fan-favorite champion in the League of Legends community. Despite being a fairly difficult champion to master, Lee Sin's arsenal of abilities makes him one of the most efficient junglers in the game.

On top of featuring various crowd-control and utility abilities, Lee Sin can turn the entire outcome of a fight on its head with the massive bursts of physical damage that the champion deals. Additionally, the champion's passive ability, Flurry allows Lee Sin to play at a fairly fast pace and snowball the game to a victory.

Considering all these factors, Lee Sin is one of the best go-to champions for every jungler in League of Legends. Even without the amount of damage that he dishes out, Lee Sin's utility and CC abilities are more than enough to control the tempo of any given match.

#3 Shaco

One of the most devastating and fearsome junglers in the game, Shaco is capable of assassinating any given champion in Summoner's Rift. The Demon Jester becomes even more fearsome because of his Backstab ability. This passive ability allows Shaco to deal bonus damage to enemies whenever attacking from behind.

Additionally, Shaco's Deceive and Two-Shiv Poison abilities also grant bonus perks and benefits to the champion when he attacks an enemy from behind. Considering these factors, Shaco is one of the worst champions to flee from in League of Legends.

Shaco is a must-learn champion for any jungler who wishes to maintain a high tempo and hunt for kills on unsuspecting enemies throughout the course of the game. Despite his fairly high difficulty rating, mastering Shaco will allow the player to leap through the ranked leaderboards rapidly.

#2 Viego

Riot Games has a tradition of releasing overpowered champions before nerfing them with balances in further patches. It has been a similar instance for Viego as well since the Ruined King's release in January 2021. Having said that, even after seven months since the champion's release, Viego remains one of the strongest champions in the game.

Despite his extremely high skill ceiling, Viego's capabilities as a jungler in League of Legends are almost unmatched. The champion is capable of wiping out an entire team with his abilities, making him an extremely strong jungler in the current meta.

On top of everything, the ability to heal himself whenever he kills an enemy champion makes Viego virtually unkillable in League of Legends. Considering these factors, it is safe to say that every jungler should be practicing the Ruined King's capabilities in Summoner's Rift to ensure a better in-game experience.

#1 Dr. Mundo

After various reworks and buffs, Dr. Mundo has finally returned to mark his dominance in the jungle. Considering the champion's simple and easy arsenal of abilities, new players who are getting started with the role of jungling are highly advised to learn how to play with the Madman of Zaun.

On top of featuring insane health regeneration, Dr. Mundo is also an extremely efficient team fight champion. Additionally, Dr. Mundo is also capable of dishing out chunks of damage to enemy heroes.

Combining his ability to deal massive damage with his insane health regeneration makes Dr. Mundo one of the best jungling champions in League of Legends. Given that the champion is comparatively simpler to master, new players are highly advised to try out Dr. Mundo as a jungler in League of Legends.

General Tips for the Jungle in LoL


The jungler in a team needs to be extremely proactive throughout the course of a game in League of Legends. Having said that, it is very important that the player keeps a constant tab of everything that is happening across the entire map. Additionally, a jungler is also expected to build items that will amplify his contribution towards his team's growth in the late-game stages.

With that in mind, here are a few general tips that every jungler should remember while playing League of Legends,

  • Players are advised to build jungle items that will allow them to farm faster during the early and mid-game stages.
  • Junglers are expected to farm within close range of their mid-lane. This is because the jungler is the closest champion available to help the mid-laner in case of an ambush from the enemy team.
  • A Jungler should always be on the lookout for getting kills on the enemy mid-laner whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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