What Is Mythic Essence In League Of Legends?

Mythic Essence is the new currency in League of Legends. First, it was gemstones, now we have Mythic Essence. Recently revealed as part of an overhaul in patch 12.6, Mythic Essence is here and Gemstones are a thing of the past. However, it is much more forgiving of new and old players alike. We'll break down what Mythic Essence is in League Of Legends.

Mythic Essence gives you more opportunities than the rarer gemstones did, and it means that you’ll be on the road to getting that desired prestige skin. Maybe you just want to get a couple of hextech chests if you like the feeling of variety and spontaneity. The choice is yours, and the choices also rotate every so often. So, keep your eye on the ball.

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What Is Mythic Essence?

Mythic essence is the new currency in League of Legends introduced in patch 12.6. The team felt that gemstones no longer had a place in the game, and thus replaced it with mythic essence. Mythic essence is a forgiving currency compared to gemstones, as gemstones had a low drop rate.

Prestige K/DA Kai'sa, can be bought with Mythic Essence, league of legends
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Prestige K/DA Kai'sa

How to Get Mythic Essence

Mythic Essence is given out to players every 50 levels, starting at 150. Hextech chests have a 3.6% chance of dropping ten Mythic Essence, while masterwork chests have a 4.6% chance of dropping some. They also have an event called essence emporiums, where you can buy up to 30 Mythic Essence with Blue Essence.

With the new addition of masterwork milestones, you can also earn it through how many masterwork chests you have opened. Incrementally, it increases by five per every five chests you have opened.

25 Mythic Essence can be earned during milestone missions when events are happening, with some events even awarding higher amounts. During events, you may be able to purchase 125 Mythic Essence, plus an event Mythic Essence icon for 2200 of the currency of that event.

What Can I Earn With Mythic Essence?

There is a multitude of things you can buy with Mythic Essence in League of Legends. For example, you can buy prestige skins. These are skins that you can not normally buy in the shop with RP. They have to be bought with this currency. Two prestige skins will be in the shop at the same time and will cycle through the shop every two months. For the first time they are seen in the shop, they cost 125 Mythic Essence. The second time, it’s 150. The third time, and any other time after that, it’s 200 Mythic Essence.

You can also purchase mythic skins. Mythic skins aren’t quite as expensive or rare as prestige skins. These are all of the hextech skins. They are priced at 100 Mythic Essence for their first cycle, then 125 for every other cycle after that. The cycles change every three months. Only two mythic skins will be in the shop at the same time.

A chroma and an icon for one of the currently available mythic skins will also be available to purchase for a price of 40 Mythic Essence. Each season comes with a new mythic thematic, meaning there’s a new mythic ward for 50 Mythic Essence and a mythic emote for 25 essence available during this time.

You can also buy a random skin shard at all times for ten Mythic Essence, 150 blue essence for one Mythic Essence, and 50 orange essence for one Mythic Essence.

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