Jumble answer 9/23 - Jumble words today

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Image of three blank word guesses in Jumble.
September 23, 2022: We've solved the 9/23 Jumble answer. Here it is.

Looking for the Jumble answer today? This new anagram-based spin on the Wordle formula is more reasonable than a lot of its competitors, but there's still a good chance that you'll want all the answers to help improve your time.


In this Jumble guide, we'll go over all four of the base words for today, as well as the bonus word that is much trickier to solve. That's on top of a look at exactly how to play Jumble, alongside a few hints and tips to give you a leg-up if you're struggling.

Elsewhere, feel free to check out our Globle country and Who Are Ya player guides for some of the more varied spin-offs from Wordle. Of course, we've also got a Wordle hint guide if you need some help with today's puzzle.

What is today's Jumble answer? - September 23, 2022

The following are the four base words for today's Jumble puzzle:


Cartoon answer bonus word today

The bonus word for this challenge is LONG TIME NO SEA. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest batch of answers!

How do I play Jumble?

Image of a game in progress in Jumble.

Jumble works similarly to a lot of other word games like wordle. In it, you have to unscramble four anagrams, comprising of fairly simple words all mixed up. There's no time limit and you have unlimited tries, which makes things more laidback.

First of all, head over to the Jumble website on the Chicago Tribune website, where you can play it entirely for free.

Once you've solved the first four words, there is one bonus word to unscramble. Its letters are made up of the circled letters in previous answers, so you have to think hard to solve it. Luckily, there is a cartoon and limerick that contain clues as to what the target word is. If you're struggling, you can always use them to get you over the line.

How does Jumble work?

In terms of its mechanics, Jumble is much more forgiving than other Wordle spin-offs. As mentioned, you get unlimited tries, and no timer. The only thing you're playing against is yourself, with a stopwatch in the corner letting you track your speed and try to beat your personal best.


Unlike Wordle, there's no game over menu if you get a letter placement wrong. Instead, if it's in the wrong place the letter will turn red. From there you can take a trial-and-error approach, tapping in each letter within the anagram until it goes black to show you've done it right.

While it may operate slightly differently to other word games, the chances are you'll find Jumble to be a more laidback alternative if the high-speed competition of Wordle is proving a bit much. That said, feel free to check out today's Wordle answer to get you over the line and keep your streak alive!