JETT: The Far Shore - How to Repair the Jett

The Jett is your craft in JETT: The Far Shore, it's your way of exploring the environment and it's your lifeline. That's why it can be problematic when it becomes damaged and can no longer protect you from the oceanic world. So, we're going to show you how to repair the Jett!

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How to Repair the Jett

You need to have a repair kit to be able to repair your Jett and you will have to create your own repair kits from items in the environment. Once created, the repair kit will wait for you in your Jett tools. All you need to do once you have a repair kit is to land your Jett on solid ground (so no slopes) and equip the kit. Once the kit has been equipped you will need to press and hold the tool button to use it. How many kits you will need to use will depend on how badly damaged your Jett is.

You need to be on chapter 3 of the game for this, up until this point you will not be able to make any repairs as your Jett hasn't been upgraded yet.

How To Make a Repair Kit

To make a repair kit, you need to explore your surroundings and find a few key materials. Use your resonator to scan around you until you find a creature called a Royal Whelk. From the Jett they look slightly pink.

When you've found one, you need to fly over it and pop it. It's easier to do this if your scramjet engines are off as this will give you more control over your movements.

Jett and a Royal Whelk.
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Popping a Royal Whelk will get it to throw out some smaller items called Shinggs and they're a bi-product from the Whelks. You need to use your Grapple tool from your Jett to collect them. Some Whelks will throw out multiple Shinggs and some may only throw out one.

You need to collect 5 Shinggs to make 1 repair kit. Once you've collected enough Shinggs, a repair kit will automatically be created.

Your Jett is capable of many things in JETT: The Far Shore and each one has different benefits that go towards helping you on your journey: We have guides to help you learn about your Jett, including ones to show you how to dazzle and how to escape Griefers!

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