JETT: The Far Shore - How To Escape Griefers

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As you explore your new environment in JETT: The Far Shore, you are going to encounter some nice native creatures and some not-so-nice native creatures. Griefers are one such species of creature that is less than happy to see you and they make their unhappiness known. This is why we're going to show you how to escape Griefers!

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How To Escape Griefers

The best way to escape a Griefer's temper is to outrun it and leave its territory.

You can do this by using your Surge ability to boost your Jett's speed and you can fly it through Vapor spots to keep your speed stable. It can be useful to remember that Griefers are vulnerable to Vapor and that can work in your favour as vapor is extremely useful to you.

However, it's not easy to outrun them so there is a way to slow them down to give you a fighting chance.

While you're flying to escape Griefers you should keep an eye out for Cinder Chimneys. They resemble tiny volcanoes and you need to do pop whilst flying over them to get them to activate.


Jett popping a cinder chimney
Keep popping them! The more you pop, the easier your escape will be.

When cinder chimneys explode, they release a strong force that will stun the Griefer for a short space of time.

If you keep popping cinder chimneys as you fly over them, you will make the gap between you and the Griefer much bigger which will help you get away.


What Are Griefers?

Griefers are a living entity that is native to the planet you're exploring and it's very protective of its territory. Anything that enters it will be instantly targeted by the creature which includes yourself and your scout crew.

They're a similar size to your Jett but they can easily cause a lot of damage to your craft and could result in your Jett losing its shield or even one of its lives.

As with many creatures in this game, you cannot fight it but you can try to outsmart it and flee.

There are many creatures and environments for you to discover in JETT: The Far Shore. We have a couple of guides to help you deal with some of the hostile ones such as how to escape Hectors and how to shake off Pests!