JETT: The Far Shore - How To Activate and Use Resin

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As you play through the chapters of JETT: The Far Shore, you will come to find that your Jett is not the only useful tool you have at your disposal. You will find that you can use your environment in multiple different ways and Resin is something that is extremely helpful in certain situations. We're going to show you how to activate and use Resin!

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How To Activate Resin

Resin is stable and quite frankly useless in its base form, so you need to activate it to make it useful.

To activate Resin you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Use your Grapple tool on your Jett to grab a piece of Resin.
  2. Turn your Scramjet engines off - Resin is a heavy payload, your engines will overload as soon as you pick it up so it's better to turn them off.
  3. Look around your environment until you find any Ionic Pools.
  4. Head to the Ionic Pool.
  5. Punt the Resin piece into the pool and it will turn blue.
  6. The Resin has now been activated.


How to Stabilise Resin

This is the tricky part because activated Resin is chemically unstable and it has a very short lifespan. Once the Resin reaches the end of its lifespan, it unleashes a powerful explosion which is something you want to avoid until you reach your target.

Resin can be used to destroy certain items in your environment but you need to transport it there and punt it to your target before it explodes, which is why you need to stabilise it.

There's an easy way to do this if your desired target is a bit far away.


Around the area where you find the Resin and the Ionic pool, you might be able to see little purple pools. These are called Inhibitor Spumes and you need to fly across these.

JETT The Far Shore Jett
Spumes are easy to identify thanks to their purple colouring.

The spumes will stabilise the Resin for a period of time and this can be the chance you need to get the Resin to your target. You must fly over the top of the spumes for them to have any effect on the unstable Resin.


Once you've stabilised the Resin, you need to get to your target quickly. The effects of the spume will not last for very long.

How To Use Resin

When you're at your target it's simply a case of ready, aim, and fire. The activated Resin should explode as soon as it hits your target!

The more you explore the world in JETT: The Far Shore, the more you'll learn about the environment and how to utilise it to make your journey smoother. There are going to be bumps along the way but luckily we have guides on how to escape Hectors and how to shake off Pests.