JETT: The Far Shore - How To Dazzle

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Your Jett in JETT: The Far Shore is capable of doing a lot of important things that will help you whilst you're exploring the new planet. As you explore, you will be researching any and all life native to the world but sometimes you will need to use specialised tools to do so. That's why we're here to show you how to Dazzle!

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How To Dazzle

You will only be able to dazzle once you've landed on the new planet and found the rest of your Jett's tools. When you switch through your tools you should have the flashlight option and you need to equip this to be able to dazzle.

  1. Once your flashlight is equipped, slowly head towards any native life that's alive on the planet. Use your resonator to check if something is alive or not.
  1. Aim the front of your ship towards your target - the flashlight is located at the front of your Jett.
  2. Press and hold the flashlight button. This will create a bright burst of light that will be brief but powerful.
  3. That burst of light is known as a dazzle.

What Does Dazzle Do?

Dazzle can do a number of things but the easiest way to explain it is that it's essentially a way to stun certain things. One of the most useful things is that it can clear certain obstructions that may slow down your Jett or even entangle it.


 Jett flying thought dazzled Kelpie.
Sparkle! No...wait...dazzle that Kelpie!

One such obstruction is Kelpie, a weed-like plant that can slow you down. If you use dazzle against Kelpie it will recede into the ground and your path will be cleared.

Dazzle can also be used to trigger certain events/unveil hidden things on the planet if they're photosensitive. An example is the Photolupine, if it's dazzled then it can reveal another form of life called a Ghokebloom.


Alongside your other tools, knowing how to use dazzle will be a big help on your adventure in JETT: The Far Shore. There's still plenty to learn about your Jett, including how to collect specimens and how to hop!