Stray 2 - News and what we'd love to see

The titular cat walking across a dark street in Stray.

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2022 was filled with many amazing titles. One of them was Stray, a unique adventure game that let you play as a stray cat that has lost its way in a world where humans no longer exist. After its release, Stray didn't take long to secure a spot as one of the best games of 2022, and was nominated for Game of the Year at the Game Awards, alongside other behemoth titles such as God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring.

Despite having a satisfying ending, there are still stories to tell in a world where humans are no more. So in this article, we'll be touching on a potential Stray 2, and what we'd love to see in a sequel.

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Stray 2 latest news

As mentioned, the ending of Stray was satisfying enough that a sequel isn't really necessary. However, it is something the game's developers could decide to work on after the significant success of the first game.

Throughout your journey as a stray cat, you'll stumble upon many mysteries. Some of them suggest there's a lot to know in the world, and things to find out apart from the player's primary goal of helping the cat find its way back to the surface.

Although a lot of fans have asked whether a potential sequel is in development, BlueTwelve Studio has yet to officially announce a sequel to Stray. So while a sequel might happen in the future, nothing is confirmed at this time.

The cat gazing at the Walled City in Stray.
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What we'd love to see in Stray 2

Throughout the game, B-12 is the closest thing we got to meet a living human. So while there are likely to be many ideas for a Stray sequel, one of the most popular areas the developers could explore will be how humanity eventually met its demise, giving us a proper look at what a post-human world might look like.

Also, a Stray sequel could bring a whole new protagonist to the scene, that'll stumble upon a different kind of predicament in a post-human world with puzzles and side quests. Players could also be able to customise this protagonist with certain abilities, or simply amplify existing cat-like abilities. So, below are the things we'd love to see in a potential Stray sequel.

The fate of humans

This is easily one of the biggest mysteries in the game, so we'd love to know what happens next. Will humans ever return? Are there some humans living on Earth that we don't know about? Only a Stray sequel can answer these questions.

The walled city itself was a defence and survival system that was created by humans to protect themselves from a global plague. Although it protected some of the humans who lived within it for a while, trash began to pile up within the walled city, and humans eventually got tired of living in what was becoming a garbage disposal.

To solve the problem, human scientists who were still alive created a bacteria to eat the city's garbage, but things didn't go as planned. The bacteria evolved and started consuming everything it came across including human flesh and metal, which led to the extinction of humans.

The cat standing above the Walled City in Stray.
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Does the stray cat reunite with its family?

After playing through Stray, you finally help the cat make its way out of the walled city and into the outside world once again. We know for sure that the cat made it out into the world, but we have no idea where the little guy will go from there, and we don't know how many days has passed since it fell into the walled city.

The game's ending also saw our furry protagonist leave his robot friends behind after several failed attempts to escape from the walled city. However, the game's final moments do not give us a happy reunion scene between the cat and his family. This could set up yet another adventure that'll see the cat try to locate its family - but this time in the real world.

A return to the walled city

A lot of players will probably say “but wait, why would the cat go back to the same place he strived so hard to get out of?" Well, unlike the first time, where the cat unintentionally finds itself in the walled city, this time it'd be going back to try and help its friends reach the outside world as well.

If you've played through the game's story, you'll realise that a lot of robots have been stuck in the walled city for dozens of years. They often say that they've grown tired of its darkness, but are unable to find a way out of the city. So if a Stray sequel is happening, it could see the cat or a different cat stumble into the walled city once again - but this time rather than making it out of the city alone, they'll find a way to get everyone out as well.

Considering it took the developers six years to make Stray, it could take a similar duration or longer for a sequel to be released. While there's no official announcement or any form of a statement from those involved in creating the game, we can agree that Stray 2 is very likely to be as interesting and charming, with a cat-centric premise just like the first game.

Given the success of the first game, the developers might release DLC for Stray, that'll allow players to explore other areas of the game while they await the release of Stray 2. Of course, that's assuming it does get an official announcement.

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