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Fall Guys gameplay showing a match in progress

Fall Guys gameplay showing a match in progress

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Many people still playing Fall Guys without wondering about Fall Guys 2 news. Fall Guys wasn't a highly awaited video game, but its release made many headlines in the game community. The game received an award for Best Community Support in 2020, and it garnered a huge player base.

In this hub, you will find out all the Fall Guys 2 news we know so far, and what we’d love to see in the next Mediatonic game. There will be various exciting rumours and personal thoughts about the possible release of the new Fall Guys 2.

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Fall Guys 2 latest news

A Fall Guys match in progress.
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Fall Guys was probably one of the most successful releases of 2020, bringing significant attention to its developer. However, it has quickly lost its player base.

The main proof of this is the online player statistics. In October 2020, the average online number in Fall Guys was 26,438. In October 2021, the average online was 7,014, and October 2022 had the average online number of 5,637.

Even making this game free to play and releasing it on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles has not improved the situation. Undoubtedly, the best way to revitalise the game is to release the new Fall Guys 2.

Mediatonic is a big corporation with approximately 200 developers. Moreover, it was sold to Epic Games, which significantly increased its developing capabilities. The only question here is whether the Fall Guys series is valuable or not.

If yes, Mediatonic could start to develop the new Fall Guys game and get it ready to release within two years. Mediatonci has plenty of experience with the first Fall Guys game, to help avoid the mistakes that made Fall Guys sharply lose popularity.

At the same time, there are no official announcement or at even comments about a new Fall Guys game. Moreover, the developer still updates Fall Guys actively, so it doesn't seem like a full-fledged sequel is on the way yet.

Five things we want to see in Fall Guys 2

Fall Guys gameplay showing a match in progress
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Even though the release of Fall Guys 2 is doubtful at the moment of writing, it doesn't stop people from suggesting ideas for the new Fall Guys game. Below, there are five best ideas for Fall Guys 2. There are not only minor changes but also improvements that could significantly change the gameplay of the new Fall Guys game.

Tournaments system

If you head to the internet, you will find various public tournaments with money rewards for Fall Guys. These tournaments have incredibly high popularity among average players. The perfect idea is to implement such private tournaments into a new Fall Guys game. Of course, they should not feature real money as the primary reward, but they should be available for all players. Moreover, providing many customisation options in the in-game tournaments would significantly increase the popularity of the game.

Map creator

Even though a map creator was publicly announced in May 2022, the system has not yet been added to the game. Many people expected to see it in the new Season 3, but it didn't arrive.

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A map creator is one of the tools that could significantly diversify the gameplay in Fall Guys. It allows people to create maps themselves and then play on them with friends. You can be sure that many Fall Guys players are eager to see this system in the next Fall Guys game.

More rare skins

Skins are one of the best ways to draw money from players and keep them attracted to the game. The only disadvantage is that most skins in Fall Guys are easily accessible to players. It is pretty challenging to find a skin that is hardly achievable for all players, unlike in Fortnite and other games with an outfit system. Therefore, many players expect the new Fall Guys game to boast an exciting skins system, including more valuable outfits.


Mods are an integral part of the gaming community nowadays. Even though it might be pretty challenging for Mediatonic to add mod support to Fall Guys 2, modifications attract new players to the game and diversifies the gameplay. Moreover, mods are like a passive investment for developers. They create mod support once and then receive the new content for the game regularly.

New game modes

The primary objective for the developers of Fall Guys 2 is to keep players in the game for as long as possible. New game modes are one of the best things that might help this. Moreover, new game modes can be added as a customisation option in a map creator. Even though creating new modes might appear pretty challenging, this idea is worth its place on our list.

That’s it for our look at Fall Guys 2. Sadly, there is no reason to believe that the new Fall Guys will be released soon. While you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to not fall over in Fall Guys.

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