How to Change Your Name in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: How To Change Name In-Game

Fall Guys: How To Change Name In-Game

Fall Guys had a pretty explosive year when it launched way back in 2020. That wasn't really a long time ago, but the circumstances that followed the world soon after make it feel like a lifetime ago. If you're looking into how to change your name in Fall Guys to impress all the new contenstants, this is what you need to know.

Originally launching for free on PS+, it managed to grab tonnes of new players, and the recent Fall Guys: Free For All release has only helped history repeat itself. Unfortunately, your screen name will depend largely on your platform of choice. On some of them, it's quite a hassle. Here's how to change it on each platform.

If you're playing the game for yourself and want to know about Fall Guys Crossplatform play or Fall Guys custom lobbies, this is what you need to know. We're updating a lot of our guides for the game's second wind, so click that blue link at the top to jump straight to our Fall Guys hub for more.

How to Change Your Name in Fall Guys

Your Fall Guys screen name will be dependent on your actual gamertag, PSN ID, or the name assigned to whatever profile/platform you're using to play the game. Here's a roundup of how you can change your name on each and every platform.


To change this, you may want to change your official gamertag. If you play on PlayStation, you change it one time for free.


Every time after this will cost money. On Xbox, you can change it at any time but you are hit with a wait if you want to change it again too soon.


On the Epic Games Store, you can change it at any time also, but you may be left waiting a few weeks to change it again.

Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, on Nintendo, you can't change your network ID. You will have to make a new account to do so.

Luckily, Fall Guys is free to play, so you can get it with any new account you make. It would mean losing your progress, but if you're only early into the game, it shouldn't set you back too much to play it again.

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