Apex Legends season 16 start date, new legend, leaks, and more

Apex legends season 15 hero catalyst

Apex legends season 15 hero catalyst
January 11 - The Spellbound Collection event has just begun in Apex Legends Season 15, so we're getting closer to the start of Season 16.

With Apex Legends Season 16 coming soon, naturally, players are wondering what exactly is in store for the battle royale, now that its reached its sixteenth season.

And with each new Apex Legends season comes a new assortment of content, whether it's new guns, weapon changes, character nerfs or buffs, or potentially new maps. Let's see what exactly we're set to expect Apex Legends Season 16.

If you're looking for anything else on Apex, we also have updated tier lists for the best legends in Apex Legends in the current season, as well as Apex Legends' best weapons to use.

When does Apex Legends season 16 start?

First of all, when is Apex Legends Season 16 due to start? Apex Legends Season 16's release date is set to be February 14, 2023. This is based on the current Battle Pass for Apex Legends, which had 105 days in total remaining when it began on November 1, 2022.

With the new season will also come a new Battle Pass, so be sure to complete Season 15's before February 14 rolls around.

Apex Legends season 16 name

Apex Legends Season 15 was called Eclipse, with a lot of occult imagery and themes to complement the new character and her general themes. As for Season 16, there's yet to be any kind of hint of indication as to what the theme will be.

But considering the timing for when it's coming out, there may at least be a collector's event featuring Valentine's Day content. Apex Legends has had previous dealings with Valentine’s day, going back as far as season 4, with event-exclusive badges, weapon skins, and even banners included.

Apex Legends season 16 leaks

Apex Legends dataminers are savvy and have a reputation for finding out about new releases long before their release. And according to credible leaker Osvaldatore, a possible new character to be added to the game might be the formerly scrapped hero, Uplink.

Uplink was a support hero who was originally scrapped by Respawn because his kit and abilities were deemed too powerful for the battle royale.

There are also rumours that Fade, the Apex Legends mobile hero, may no longer be exclusive and might join the Apex Legends roster. As we come closer to the release of Season 16, we'll have more confirmation.

Apex Legends map Storm Point
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Credit: Respawn
Apex Legends map Storm Point

Apex Legends season 16 new maps

Considering Season 15 added the new map, Broken Moon, it is very unlikely that we'll be seeing a new map being added any time soon. What we will see however is a map rotation.

As of now, there's been no word of the next map rotation but it'll be more than likely that Storm Point and Broken Moon will be seeing more attention next season.

Apex Legends season 16 weapons

Each season brings on new weapon changes, whether that's new weapons, buffs or nerfs. But each season sees a rotation of which weapons go into and out of the care packages.

As of right now, there's no indication as to which weapons might see a change but it's no surprise that a lot of people hope to see the Spitfire return to being a Heavy weapon. And the current round of items inside the care package will be coming out.

As more information drops, we will update this page accordingly. Until then, check out the latest Apex Legends Mobile tier list if you're interested in playing on the go.

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