343 Industries Details Halo MCC Season 8 Content Coming This Week

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While Halo Infinite is the current talk of the town thanks to a recent Flight Test and some annoying aim issues, 343 Industries is looking to end Halo: The Master Chief Collection with a bang as the developers have just detailed what will be coming to MCC Season 8.

It was announced some time ago that Halo MCC Season 8 would be the final season of the collection now that Halo Infinite is coming out, so it makes sense for 343 to detail what will be coming, especially since the event launches this week.

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343 Industries Details Halo MCC Season 8 Content Coming This Week

On the official Halo Twitter, MCC Season 8 has been titled ‘Mythic,’ as all of the unlockables will be centered around ancient warriors, from nameplates, to weapon skins, and other cosmetic items for your custom Spartan.


Seasonal Unlocks for MCC Season 8 will be around indefinitely, so players will have plenty of time to unlock some of the cool custom items for their Spartans without much pressure, though that doesn’t mean they will be around forever.


In addition to the indefinite Seasonal Unlocks in MCC Season 8, there will also be new time-based challenges with exclusive rewards, which is what most of us expect from a live-service game like this, but it’s still good to know there are limited prizes to get on.

Another big announcement for MCC Season 8 is the addition of a new map coming to Halo 3 called Ice Box, which is the Turf map from Halo 2 completely remade from the ground up and looking better than ever.

Though some fans were disappointed on Halo 3 getting most of the focus, which has been the case for previous seasons, it does make sense to update this title over the older games and we’re sure the Ice Box map will make plenty of fans happy.

Halo MCC Season 8 launches later today, October 13.

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