Halo Infinite: How To Destroy An Enemy Chopper

Halo Infinite is here! Offering a multitude of maps and an expansive catalogue of weapons to use, the Chopper has become a fan-favourite vehicle to ride with. But because of the bike's strength, the Big Wheel Bully weekly challenge to destroy an enemy chopper in PvP has been difficult for many.

To make life easier and rid your enemies of those sweet Choppers, we've compiled the best ways to intercept their beloved automobile.

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Halo Infinite: How To Destroy An Enemy Chopper In PvP

There are several ways you can obliterate choppers.

EMP and shoot

You can EMP every vehicle in the game. Use plasma-based weapons and shoot continuously at the chopper. When blue highlight surrounds the bike, the chopper is fully impacted and can no longer move. Use this opportunity to unleash all grenades and explosives on the vehicle until it eventually explodes.

A bike is riding in the desert.
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Credit: 343 Industries


The repulsor is one of the most powerful items in the game, capable of pushing back enemies and vehicles. You can use the repulsor to push choppers away and prevent the enemy from running you over. Couple this with shooting and you can catch your foes off guard.

Fusion coil

Volatile yet dangerous, the fusion coil can create a gigantic explosion on impact. You can pick up the coil on any map and chuck them straight at choppers to inflict maximum damage. Be wary that it is so powerful that it may kill enemy Spartans controlling the vehicle instead of the bike, deeming the challenge unsuccessful. So be cautious when using the fusion coil.

A shade turret firing in the Deadlock map at night.
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Credit: 343 Industries
Find the Shade Turret on Deadlock to induce some damage on the Chopper.


Fight power with power by using another vehicle. The wraith and scorpion are more damaging than the chopper due to their brute force while boasting more health. Make use of their explosive artillery and you should be able to overpower the chopper's plasma weapon.

Halo Infinite is beaming with secrets, one of which includes hidden caves harbouring special weapons and gear.

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