Halo Infinite Download File Size: Campaign, Multiplayer, Forge Mode, and More

Halo Infinite fighters and vehicles battle on a desert.
Credit: 343 Industries

The Halo Infinite Release Date is starting to edge ever closer. It won't be long until December 8 rolls around and we're finally able to get our mitts on the next entry in the Halo series. Thanks to the Halo Infinite specs being revealed, we now have an idea of what kind of Halo Infinite file size you're looking at. For Xbox Series S owners, it might make for tough reading.

Of course, this is yet to be confirmed and the supposed leak could all be fiction. There's also the fact that in big games like this, the file sizes usually differ between platforms, so PC and Xbox owners will want to keep an eye on any future updates to this page. We're going to be really ramping up our coverage of Halo Infinite in the lead-up to the game's release, so keep your eyes on the prize, especially on our Halo Infinite guide hub.

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What is Halo Infinite's file size?

At the moment, if you're playing Halo Infinite's multiplayer, the file size is 17.9 GB on Xbox Series X|S.

According to an unconfirmed leak by Twitter user @oskool_g, Halo Infinite's full file size will be 97.24 GB. That's pretty hefty, particularly for players on hardware with limited space like the Xbox Series S, which only comes with 512GB storage out of the box. It also doesn't factor in several features coming after launch, such as Forge Mode, or a split-screen co-op campaign. Who knows how big the game could become if the rumours of a Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode turn out to be true.

We certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility that the game exceeds 100GB. Keep in mind, on Xbox, Halo: The Master Chief Collection takes up roughly 104GB of space, and Halo 5: Guardians is also close to the 95GB mark. So the idea that Halo Infinite is 97.24 GB at launch, doesn't seem all that far fetched.

The only upshot is that if 343 Industries are smart, they'll allow players to install & uninstall specific modes as they please, and we're willing to bet the campaign will take up a fairly big chunk of that 97.24 GB file size.

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