Halo Infinite Player Discovers Weapon Skin Looks Like a “Cheeto”

Halo Infinite has a plethora of nifty skins to jazz up your weapons and armour, but one item has caught the community’s eyes.

Pro Halo player, Roman recently purchased the Crimson Serpent Weapon Set from the Halo Store. While it looked slick through its previews, the player notes how the gun bears a striking resemblance to a particular savoury, orange snack.

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Halo Infinite Player Discovers Weapon Skin Looks Like a “Cheeto”

The Crimson Serpent Weapon Set is one of the latest additions to the in-game store and can be purchased for 600 credits ($6/£6 in real money). Altogether, the skin can be applied to eight guns including the Hydra and BR75 Battle Rifle.

Halo Infinite crimson skin showcasing a gun in mid-air.
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Even though the preview showcases a sharp red-and-blue colour scheme, some have pointed out how misleading the images are.

Roman in particular notes how the tip of the weapon looks exactly like a flaming-hot Cheeto.

While many free-to-play titles contain skins available to purchase, the weapon set raises a bigger issue with how these items are being communicated to players. Some fans are asking 343 Industries to let players see how they look like when applied to guns before purchasing. This would allow users to trial the sets out, prior to spending real money.

Hopefully, this feature should be included in an update soon, as the developer has responded to similar issues before like XP gains and challenges.

Speaking of patches, a recent one addressed longstanding performance issues and bugs. While another was released a few weeks ago and finally tackled connection issues and desync lagging.

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