Halo Infinite Devs Reportedly Working on 10 New Maps

343 Industries continues to prep post-launch content for Halo Infinite and new maps will make up a large part of the sequel's future.

According to a new report by Halo Hub, the developer might be working on as many as 10 maps for the hit sequel. These would be added to Infinite's already impressive collection of levels sometime in the future.

Halo Infinite Devs Reportedly Working on 10 New Maps

343 Industries could be working on even more than 10 maps. However, the report notes that they won't hit all at once, with the locations understandably coming at various points in the game's post-launch cycle. It also remains to be seen what game modes and playlists these maps will be curated for.

Big Team Battle gives the opportunity to run wild across more expansive regions, like on Fragmentation, Highpower, and Deadlock. Smaller areas mainly encapsulate tighter dogfights, like those across Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth, Live Fire, and more.

Halo Infinite recently received its latest patch, which addresses longstanding performance issues and bugs. Another patch was released a few weeks ago that tackled connection issues and desync lagging. That's in addition to resolving matchmaking issues for Big Team Battles and heavy vehicle spawning.

Halo Infinite was also in the headlines for reportedly impacting Battlefield 2042's performance at launch. We'll keep you informed with further Halo news as and when it happens.

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