How To Fix Halo Infinite Battle Pass And Challenges Not Loading Issues

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Halo Infinite has a plethora of armour and skins to offer in its Battle Pass, while its daily and weekly challenges have tonnes of XP for progression.

Fans who have booted Halo Infinite today have reported that both the objectives and battle pass are not loading. We break down a few solutions on how to get them back and running.


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How To Fix Halo Infinite Battle Pass And Challenges Not Loading Issues


Battle Pass And Objective Problems

Some notice that the battle pass logo keeps loading and spinning when selected.

Objectives and challenges are also not showing, even after pressing Y on an Xbox controller.


Solutions And Fixes

Here are various ways you can try to resolve the loading issues.

Solution 1 - Restart Your Xbox

The best and simplest fix is to turn off your Xbox and switch on the system. This may provide a necessary reboot to your console and might allow the battle pass and objectives to be operating once again.

Customisation menu for a Spartan soldier.
Credit: Xbox Games Studios

Solution 2 - Restart Your Router

If restarting your Xbox doesn't work, another stopgap would be to reboot your router. This should get the challenges up and running.

Solution 3 - Reset The 'Halo Infinite' App Manually

Consider wiping out the data on your Halo Infinite game.


To access the menu, go to 'Apps' and then to 'Apps & features'. Move down to 'Halo Infinite' and click 'Reset' to restart the game entirely.

Main Apps menu of Halo Infinite on Xbox.
Credit: Xbox

If these solutions don't work, it may be a temporary issue. And if 343 Industries responds to the obstacle, we'll update this page with all the details. In the meantime, why not check out our guide on Halo Infinite's Christmas event?