The Best Hades Exagryph Build: How to Get the Most from the Adamant Rail

The best Hades Exagryph build turns the sometimes awkward railgun into a much more interesting tool of destruction. Exagryph excels at distance combat, but having to reload ammo makes it situational unless you rely solely on the special attack, which is inadvisable. You'll need to do a bit of work to unlock some of its hidden powers, but the results are worth the trouble.

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The Best Hades Exagryph Build - Aspect of Lucifer

The hidden Aspect of Lucifer is one of the best things you can do to Exagryph. It gives the railgun much higher capacity for inflicting damage, and not just once. The special attack launches three hellfire orbs that absorb attacks and inflict damage before exploding and dealing heavy damage in a wide area of effect. You'll still need to reload the main attack, but it fires a flaming beam instead of individual bullets, and the damage dealt gradually increases.

How to Unlock Aspect of Lucifer

You'll first need to reveal the Aspect of Guan Yu, which we've outlined how to do elsewhere, and spend 5 Titan's Blood on the Rail. Zeus will eventually give you the awakening phrase, and then when you interact with Exagryph again, the Aspect of Lucifer will appear.

Hades Exagryph Build - Aspect of Lucifer Boons

Since you'll launch multiple specials that deal continued damage to foes, we recommend Boons that deal additional effects, such as Zeus' Thunder Flourish or Aprhodite's Heartbreak Flourish. Artemis' Pressure Points and Deadly Flourish are particularly handy with this build as well, since they push your damage potential even higher.

Hades Exagryph Build - Aspect of Lucifer Hammer Upgrades

This Aspect has its own set of exclusive upgrades, but Concentrated Beam is one of the best., since it increases how much additional damage your beam attack deals. Triple Beam splits that attack into three beams, while Greater Inferno buffs your special and broadens its area of effect.

The Best Hades Exagryph Build Alternative - Aspect of Eris

If you want to stick with the normal Exagryph, try the Aspect of Eris. This one's special bonus is giving you an attack boost for four seconds after you stand in your special attack's area of effect. It means getting closer to your target, which can be dangerous, but the extra buff makes cleaning rooms easier.

Hades Exagryph Build - Aspect of Eris Boons

The goal for the Aspect of Eris is increasing your attack, so give it an extra boost with Boons such as Curse of Agony or Deadly Strike. Tempest Flourish is also recommended. It imbues your special with a knockback effect, handy for keeping foes at a distance after you absorb the blast.

Hades Exagryph Build - Aspect of Eris Hammer Upgrades

Targeting System is a must-have for this build. Foes hit by it move more slowly and then take additional damage. Triple Bomb is another solid choice, one that lets you use your special three times in a row. Top it off with Flurry Fire to increase your ammo capacity and rate of fire.

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