The Best Hades Fist Build: How to Get the Most from the Twin Fists

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The Fists of Malphon are already good best Hades fist build makes them nearly unstoppable. This weapon's biggest attraction is dealing heavy damage fast, but it's limited by short range .The Fists' ultimate Aspect is better than most, but there's an earlier perk you can unlock that works just as well, if not better in some respects, since it closes the gap between you and your targets.

The Best Hades Fist Build - Aspect of Talos Build

The Aspect of Talos is the first unlockable Aspect for the fists and it's one of the best as well. This one turns your uppercut into a magnetic attack that draws enemies closer and deals extra damage in the process, and it boosts your Cast damage in the process. It's especially useful in later regions of the underworld, such as the River Styx, where gaps often separate you from your enemies. Pull them in for a quick pummeling, then off you go on your way.

Hades Fist Build - Aspect of Talos Boons

The point of this build is making it easier to finish groups of enemies faster, so any Boon that increases your special's damage is useful. Heartbreak Flourish is handy for tougher monsters that take longer to kill, and Deadly Flourish boosts your chance of getting critical hits.

You'll also need to buff your normal attack, though, since the special won't finish the job on its own. Athena's Divine Strike is very useful thanks to its deflect ability, and Dionysus' Drunken Strike helps slow them down.

Hades Fist Build - Aspect of Talos Hammer Upgrades

If you're lucky enough to get it, Colossus Knuckle is the ideal upgrade for this build (or any Fist build) since it turns you Sturdy while attacking. There's still room to be damaged, but it's a much safer option for dealing with bosses and other tough foes. Draining Cutter restores a small amount of health after you slay a foe, and Long Knuckle increases both range and attack for your normal attack.

Zagreus training with the Twin Fists by attacking Skully
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The Best Hades Fist Build Alternative - Aspect of Gilgamesh Build

The Aspect of Gilgamesh is a powerful upgrade, but you'll have to work to get it. This one makes your Dash Special more potent and adds the Maim status effect, where enemies take greater damage for a short time. They also hit you harder while the effect lasts, so it's a bit of a risk-reward setup.

How to Unlock Aspect of Gilgamesh

Unlocking Gilgamesh is a bit of a chore. You need to first reveal the Aspect of Guan Yu on Varatha, which requires you to unlock five other, non-Zagreus aspects. Then, spend five Titan's Blood on Fist Aspects, and fight Asterius with the fists equipped. This part is totally random, since there's no guarantee you'll enter an Asterius room in Elysium, but make sure to use the Fists in your runs just in case.

Hades Fist Build - Aspect of Gilgamesh Boons

You're at risk with this Aspect, so Athena and Hermes Boons are solid choices. Hyper Sprint and Quick Recovery are the best picks from Hermes. The former turns you Sturdy after dashing, while the latter lets you recover a small amount of health after dashing.

Hades Fist Build - Aspect of Gilgamesh Hammer Upgrades

Explosive Upper extends the range of effect for your Dash Upper and boosts its damage by 100%, so it's a natural pick if you run across it. Colossal Knuckle is also a good choice for this build, thanks to its Sturdy effects.


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