Hades Best Shield Build Guide: How to Get the Most from the Aegis

The best Hades shield build transforms the Aegis from being a slow, unwieldy defensive tool into a slow, unwieldy defensive tool that deals heavy amounts of damage. Our top pick for the shield build takes a bit of time to unlock, but there is another solid choice for the shield until you reach that point.

Hades Best Shield Build - Aspect of Beowulf Build

The Aspect of Beowulf unlocks only after you've spent 5 Titan's Blood on the Aegis already, so it'll likely be a while before you get it. After that, speak with Chaos to unlock the hidden aspect.

This one transforms the shield's moveset in more subtle ways compared to other hidden aspects. You still get the shield dash and can throw it, but it's heavier, charges slowly, and deals more damage. It also changes how you use your Cast. Instead of throwing it as usual, it loads into the shield, turns the Bull Rush into a Dragon Rush, and explodes on impact.

It's a handy way to deal extra damage to your target and nearby foes, and the slow charge time is offset by the Aegis' excellent ability to block incoming damage while you charge.

Hades Shield Build - Aspect of Beowulf Boons

Knockback boons work a treat with this build, since they let you group enemies at a distance while you charge the Bull Rush. Anything that gives your Dash some measure of power is also recommended, especially if you're playing with Pacts. It's an easy way to remove their extra shield with a weak attack so your stronger ones actually have an affect.

Hades Shield Build - Best Shield Hammer Upgrades

Sudden Rush is a must for dealing with the slower Bull Rush charge time, since it makes it charge faster. Aside from that, we also recommend Minotaur Rush and Breaching Rush for buffing the Rush attack even more. The former deals 400% more damage in general, and the latter hits armored foes harder.

Zagreus uses the Aspect of Beowulf's enhanced Bull Rush attack after loading three Casts into it
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The Best Hades Shield Build Alternative - Aspect of Chaos Build

The Aspect of Chaos is one of the first Aspects you can unlock for the Aegis, and it's a good one. After you perform a Bull Rush attack, you'll throw multiple shields in your special - one extra shield initially, then more as you upgrade. It's a more offensive build focused on movement, on dashing into the fray, then attacking everyone near by, before retreating and doing it all again.

Hades Shield Build - Aspect of Chaos Boons

Any Boon that makes your special stronger is naturally a good choice here. If you find you're taking heavy damage, Aphrodite's Heartbreak Flourish is a good pick, since it buffs your shield throw and makes it inflict weak. Ares' Blade Dash lets you deal damage as you escape after the Bull Rush, so consider aiming for that one as well.

Hades Shield Build - Aspect of Chaos Hammer Upgrades

Dread Flight is an excellent pick for this build. Not only will you have more shields to toss, but they hit more enemies before returning as well. Explosive Return deals AoE damage when you catch the shields, and if you're lucky enough to get a third upgrade, Charged Flight deals even more damage, though it adds a charge meter to the attack.

If you get tired of the shield and want something else, check out our guides for the best bow builds and best sword builds as well.

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