The Best Hades Bow Build: How to Get the Most from the Heart-Seeking Bow

The best Hades bow build is trickier than some other weapons, as the Heart-Seeking Bow deals less damage and operates more slowly than most. The special move is its biggest strength and lets you build a support weapon that inflicts debuffs along with damage, but there is a unique option that uses your Cast as well. With the right set of Boons and upgrades, though, you can use the bow to sweep rooms and even break through bosses faster.

The Best Hades Bow Build - Volley Fire Build

The Heart-Seeking bow’s Aspects aren’t the greatest, but the Aspect of Chiron is a solid way to build the bow’s special attack, Volley Fire. This one increases the number of shots in your special with each upgrade, and while Volley Fire isn’t the most powerful on its own, combining it with Boons increases its potential.

Hades Bow Build - Volley Fire Boons

Boons that inflict status conditions are ideal for this. Ares’ Curse of Pain or Dionysis’ Drunken Flourish are handy for softening enemies, but Aphrodite’s Heartbreak Flourish is one of our top picks. It reduces enemy attack through Weak and increases your special’s power. Volley Fire’s wide reach means you’re debuffing almost the entire room full of enemies before they even get near you.

Hades Bow Build - Best Bow Hammer Upgrades

If you run into a Daedalus Hammer, you’ve got a number of choices that fit with this build, but Concentrated Volley is a good pick for taking down stronger enemies. Piercing Volley is also essential for the Fields of Elysium or any higher difficulty level where you run into armored foes more often.

The Heart-Seeking Bow upgrade page, showing the Aspect of Hera and its bonuses
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The Best Hades Bow Build Alternative - Aspect of Hera Build

The Aspect of Hera is another solid pick, albeit one that hinges a bit more on whether you find certain Boons. The Aspect of Hera loads your Cast into your normal attack, so you deal two hits at once. It doesn’t increase your Cast’s damage, though, but it is an easier way to deal heavy damage to a single foe.

Hades Bow Build - Aspect of Hera Boons

What makes this build unique is if you find Artemis’ Exit Wounds Boon. Exit Wounds deals damage to foes when your Cast exits them. Quick Reload from Hermes is a good complement that offsets the bow’s slow reload time, and Auto Reload is a must so you regenerate Cast ammo faster.

Hades Bow Build - Aspect of Hera Hammer Upgrades

Sniper Shot and Twin Shot are excellent upgrades for this build, since you’re relying on the normal attack more than Volley Fire. If you’re happy with losing some attack speed, Explosive Shot is always a good pick. It deals heavy damage in a wide area of effect.

If you're fed up with the bow after a while, give the Stygian Blade a try as well. It's a completely different and more aggressive weapon, which may suit your needs better.

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