The Best Hades Spear Build: How to Get the Most from Varatha

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The best Hades spear build can make your life much easier if you're set on using Varatha. It's an odd weapon compared to some of the other Infernal Arms. Despite its wide reach, the spear moves slowly, which makes stacking multiple hits more difficult. The spear's Aspects are focused on specific facets of its performance, with fewer overall benefits than other weapons as well. Still, you can turn it into a powerful force with the right combination of boons and upgrades.

The Best Hades Spear Build - Aspect of Zagreus Build

The Aspect of Zagreus buffs one of the spear's best qualities, its special attack. This one gives an added damage boost to the spear throw. The spear's biggest drawback is limited range and ability to attack more than one foe, an issue this Aspect helps ameliorate while letting you pull the attack off more often as well.


Hades Spear Build - Aspect of Zagreus Boons

Knockback Boons, such as Poseidon's Tempest Flourish are one good option for this build, since it helps keep enemies further away. Drunken Flourish from Dionysus is another solid pick. The special's wide reach means you'll inflict Hangover on foes further away than usual, though Frost Flourish works the same, if you run into Demeter instead.

Since this is just one attack, you'd also be wise to add Artemis' Deadly Flourish and Pressure Points, both of which increase your likelihood of landing critical hits.

Hades Spear Build - Aspect of Zagreus Hammer Upgrades

Massive Spin is the perfect upgrade for this build, since it's almost a second Aspect of Hades. Your special hits a wider area and deals even more damage with this one. Chain Skewer and Breach Skewer are also excellent. The former bounces foe and deals an extra 30 damage, while the latter deals 400% damage to armor.


The Best Hades Spear Build Alternative - Aspect of Hades

The third Aspect is a sound second choice if you don't fancy all those spin attacks. The Aspect of Hades adds bonus damage to your attack and special. It's not tremendously impressive on its own, but every little bit helps - especially with a weapon as limited as the spear. The only downside is it doesn't affect the charged spin attack.

Hades Spear Build - Aspect of Hades Boons

Boons for this build are flexible since the main affect applies to both the regular and special attack. One combination, if you're lucky enough to get it, is Ares' Blade Dash and Hermes' dash-augmenting abilities. You'll soften foes while getting to a safe spot and unleashing the special, and you can rush back in to deal more damage and finish them off with a normal attack.


Hades Spear Build - Aspect of Hades Upgrades

We recommend Charged Skewer and Vicious Skewer for this build's upgrades. Charged Skewer lets your special hit even harder, while Vicious Skewer boosts your critical hit chance with it.

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