Guilty Gear Strive: How To Beat Goldlewis Dickinson

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Arc System Works has recently introduced a new character Goldlewis Dickinson as the first DLC character in Guilty Gear Strive. The character is barely a few weeks old on the live servers and nobody has an idea how to fight him. Fortunately, the usual tactics of the initial roster work well on defeating Goldlewis Dickinson in Guilty Gear Strive.

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Secretary Of Not So Great Defence

Despite his title of Secretary of Absolute Defense, Goldlewis Dickinson actually has difficulty in keeping up a steady defense. On paper, his attacks look good in controlling the areas around him due to its massive range and coverage. However, these moves are too slow and have too many openings.

The Goldlewis player often has to make a good read on his enemy's offence to make a predictive Behemoth Typhoon work. Whiffing one of these moves often leads to Goldlewis Dickinson losing a round as most characters often have access to high damage combos and difficult to escape setups when they land a hit.

The sense of defense must purely be sourced from the player as Goldlewis Dickinson's defensive tools are not totally reliable.


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Interrupt Decisively Or Get Out Of The Way

However, Goldlewis Dickinson's pressure shines once he hits the sweet spot where his close Slash and far Slash hits. Once he does, Goldlewis Dickinson is in range to pressure you with his variety of Behemoth Typhoons. The scariest one is the fastest which starts in front of him and swings downward to his back. This move can be used as a frametrap and even as a meaty option that is safe from many meterless reversals.

Defending from this move requires players to hit him if it's a slow variation or move out of its range to get out of it. Trying to block this move will get you locked in Goldlewis Dickinson's pressure and Behemoth Typhoon deals a sizeable 10% health damage if blocked as it is a guard break attack.


At best, it's sometimes okay to get hit by the fast version of Behemoth Typhoon if he doesn't have meter. In exchange of your health, it resets neutral and let him approach again. Stay far enough that it'll be one air dash away for a jump-in if he tries to use the Skyfish machine gun to shoot you from a far.

Most of Goldlewis Dickinson's options are good for one specific thing only and he has a difficulty in controlling and enforcing his pressure due to his lack of mobility.

Respect His Down With The System

Even though he can't move fast and is always often the receiving end of combos and pressure, don't count him out just yet. Downed Goldlewis Dickinson players can be a threat on wakeup if they have 50 tension. This meter can be used for a reversal Down With The System and deal high damage if it connects. While rolling on the floor, Goldlewis can also input the best version of Down With The System which can take more than 60% health on hit.


At best, keep trying to bait out this move if he has meter when you knock him down. If he tries it, it'll miss and he'll be open for a big punish combo. If you get out of the range, it'll reset neutral and he'll be stuck trying to get in once more. Keep in mind of your spacing to punish Skyfish so he never gets a chance to outzone you.

Keep in mind of his weaknesses in dealing with pressure up close and keep trying to challenge his defensive options. Challenge them if they really are the Secretary of Absolute Defense. It's always the man and never the suit they were.

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