Warzone 2 Trello board - updates and game details

Warzone 2 player using phone
Credit: Activision

The Warzone 2 Trello link is a webpage several Warzone 2 players want to visit before dropping into the action. The boards published by Raven Software give the community insight into upcoming events, playlist updates, and progress on fixes to numerous bugs and glitches currently affecting the battle royale.

With Season Two reportedly delayed, there are plenty of unhappy players wanting to know the reasons behind the decision. Thanks to regular development updates, there's every chance the Trello board possesses important intel on trucks driving underwater and areas of the map transforming into Rainbow Road.

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How to access Warzone 2 Trello

The process of accessing the Warzone 2 Trello is extremely straightforward. Simply click here to see all the latest information on known issues affecting battle royale playlists and DMZ in addition to patch notes from the most recent seasonal updates.

Raven Software usually updates the Trello every few days, so make sure you bookmark it if you're after all the latest goings on in the world of Warzone 2.

Can I add to the Warzone 2 Trello?

Unfortunately, the Warzone 2 Trello is locked for public editing to prevent any unwanted spam or comments from appearing. If you're experiencing issues in the game, it's best to head to the Warzone 2 feedback page so the developers can dig deeper into the problems and attempt to fix them.

Although you can't add anything, seeing all of the known issues impacting players is particularly useful when so many bugs and glitches are currently affecting the game.

When is the next Warzone 2 Trello update?

There's no set update schedule for the Warzone 2 Trello board. Once an issue is fixed, it's moved to the 'Resolved' board and if any new problems arise, they'll appear as soon as the developer is aware of them. Without players reporting the problems, there's a high chance they're not there yet.

Keep checking regularly to see what the developers are working to fix and when an update may arrive to the battle royale.

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