How to buy back players in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players on plane exit ramp
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 players on plane exit ramp
Credit: Activision

Earning enough cash to get your teammates back into the action is a key component of Warzone 2 and as players drop into the battle royale, many wonder how to buy back during a match.

Thanks to various innovations made by Infinity Ward, the Warzone 2 buy station menus look and behave differently compared to the first iteration of the game. Thankfully, the option to purchase the redeployment of your squadmates is still in the game alongside a limited stock for specific items.

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Warzone 2 buy back explained

For a fee, you can revive your squadmates that have either lost their gulag or have fallen victim to another player. Even when the gulag closes, there's always an opportunity to get back into the game.

It takes longer to accumulate the cash needed to buy back teammates over the course of a match so be sure to spend the money at the moment where it has maximum impact.

Warzone 2 players fighting in gulag
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Credit: Activision

How to buy back Warzone 2 players

When you eventually build up the funds needed to buy back teammates, it's important to know where the option to select the fallen players is within the reworked buy station menu. Here's where you need to look:

  • Open the buy station.
  • Select the player you want to buy back.
  • Pay the money and wait for them to land.

Warzone 2 buy back price

Buying back downed teammates isn't cheap. Each buy back costs a total of $4,000 which is the same price as a UAV killstreak. Most of the time, having an extra player on the team makes all the difference in the final stages of a match so it's worth spending the cash.

That's all there is to know about how to buy back in Warzone 2. For more on Call of Duty's battle royale, take a look at our guides highlighting the Warzone 2 meta and the latest information on the next Warzone 2 double XP events.

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