How to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Image of a castle university in Two Point Campus.

Image of a castle university in Two Point Campus.

If you want want all of the best items and resources in your school, you'll need to learn how to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus. This different form of currency doesn't work quite the same as regular cash, and as such it's much harder to come by. We're here to help, with tips on how to get it and what exactly you can spend it on.

In this Two Point Campus guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about Kudosh. That includes exactly what it is, how to earn it, and what you can spend it on in-game.

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What is Kudosh in Two Point Campus?

Kudosh is the premium currency in Two Point Campus. As such it is separate to the cash you use most of the time to purchase new items, rooms, and upgrades for your educational establishment.

Instead, Kudosh is more there to help you get the frivilous things. From water coolers to special vending machines, the items unlockable through Kudosh are quite unlike the rest. Therefore, if you want a properly decked-out campus, you'll need to use Kudosh wisely.

Image of the Career Hub in Two Point Campus.
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How do I get Kudosh in Two Point Campus?

Luckily, Kudosh is quite easy to come by. You primarily earn it by completing objectives that appear sporadically during your time with each school.

To see all of the objectives tied to Kudosh, press right on the D-pad while in a game of Two Point Campus. Doing so brings up your Career Hub, detailing your progress on a range of metrics from the number of friendships formed to the number of students that are qualified in Virtual Nominality. Each time you fulfil one of the tiers for each objective, you get a dose of Kudosh.

The good news is that you'll neve really need to grind to earn Kudosh. A lot of these objectives are easily completed in the background while you focus on making your university as good as possible. As such, you'll usually end up with more than enough Kudosh to satisfying your spending habits.

How do I use Kudosh in Two Point Campus?

Once you've got Kudosh, it's time to spend it. Luckily, all items requiring Kudosh appear alongside regular items when you look at the store within the game. They initially appear blacked out, with details on how many Kudosh you need to spend to unlock it. This tends to be 50 Kudosh or less for regular items, meaning it's often quite affordable.

Then, simply purchase the item using your Kudosh and place it wherever you like within your university. One good element is that Kudosh is a one-off purchase. Therefore, once you've spent it unlocking an item, you can then buy future versions of that item using regular cash instead.

That's it for our look at how to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus! While you're here, feel free to also read up on how to make money and how to increase student happiness. Both are crucial to success in the new Two Point game.

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