How to increase student happiness in Two Point Campus

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Image of a culinary lecture in Two Point Campus.
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To keep the money flowing in Two Point Campus, you have to ensure those paying your tuition fee are satisfied. As such, it's very important to learn how to improve student happiness in Two Point Campus, at risk of triggering an all-out educational revolt. Luckily, we're here to help with a few tips.

In this Two Point Campus guide, we'll provide some assistance as to how you can keep your students happy. The good news is that there are a fair few methods at your disposal, which means if the overall satisfaction rating within your establishment does start going down, you should be able to remedy it.


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How do I improve student happiness in Two Point Campus?

There are several ways to boost your student body's happiness in Two Point Campus. However, most of the time it'll be a case of providing them with enough fun activities and pastimes to ensure they remain satisfied.

A lot of the items and facilities you'll require to boost student happiness are very self-explanatory. In the tutorial, the game says there are three Rs you need to consider: rest, relaxation, and relieving oneself. As such, students will need beds, lounges, and toilets to be completely happy.


There are plenty of facilities like these on offer, ranging from dormitories to cram full of beds to showers, bathrooms, and student lounges. Those come alongside some specific rooms that are dedicated to student happiness, such as student lounges and the Students' Union. Within those two places you can put on parties or other events to increase the social meter and boost happiness. As an example, hosting one SU party increases the student body's happiness by 30%, proving just how useful it can be.

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On top of that, your students will need to get decent grades to remain happy. That doesn't necessarily mean As across the board, so as long as they aren't failing their classes or handing in assignments late, academic performance will likely not be a serious issue.

On top of that, you'll want to make sure that the campus itself is laid out in a way that allows the students to enjoy themselves. Placing plenty of bins around is a good start, preventing litter from piling up throughout the corridors. Equally, having a dedicated cafeteria area where you place tables and vending machines is a great way to encourage your students to socialise and make friends, which helps keep them happy too.


In terms of making specific students happy, you can fulfil the personalised requests that appear throughout the academic year. If you press left on the D-pad you'll see your email inbox, which occasionally conains specific requests for items desired by one particular student. If you choose to fulfil that request, it'll boost their happiness greatly.

Of course, the best way to ensure your students remain happy in Two Point Campus is simply by providing them the best experience you can. From clean hallways to plenty of room to relax, you should never worry too much about your student body rebelling against you.

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