How to make money in Two Point Campus

Image of a Student's Union party in Two Point Campus.

Image of a Student's Union party in Two Point Campus.

Looking to make money in Two Point Campus? Earning enough cash in the new Two Point Studios game isn't always the easiest task. If unsatisfied with their service, your students can refuse to pay their tuition fees, which will see your finances plummet. As such, it's key to know plenty of different ways to ensure you don't go broke.

In this Two Point Campus guide, we'll break down a few handy ways to make easy cash fast. There are fortunately several ways to bolster your finances, ensuring you should always have enough money to purchase a new rooms or item. The more difficult task is resisting the urge to spend all your cash in one go!

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How do I make money in Two Point Campus?

Your most common way of earning money in Two Point Campus is via tuition fees. At the end of every in-game month, students fork up the cash they pay to enrol on your course. If they're satisifed with their experience, you'll get the full tuition fee. Usually, this forms the bulk of the money you make in Two Point Campus.

At the end of each month you'll get an email in your inbox, detailing your financial breakdown. It shows all the income you've earned, as well as the outgoings in the form of staff wages. There are three metrics on this invoice that show how you make money:

  • Tuition fees
  • Rent
  • XP bonus

Yes, alongside tuition fees, students will pay a charge to stay in the on-campus facilities. Equally, as your university becomes of a higher standard and students attain higher grades, you get a cash bonus based on their performance. Since you lose a fair amount of your monthly income by paying teachers, the XP bonus will always provide a big dose of extra cash.

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As such, it really helps to give your students plenty of areas to study. As they complete assignments their grades go up, which adds to your XP cash bonus.

On top of that, there are a few ways to earn passive cash off of your students. Items such as vending machines don't rake in hundreds at a time, but will steadily keep your cash flow going.

In the last month of the academic year, you also tend to get a huge cash boost. That's when students head off for the summer, so the idea is that the extra money ensures you can purchase any of the new rooms or resources you may require for the next academic year.

Aside from that, the only real way to make money is by consistently keeping your student body happy. Whether that's by hiring high-level professors or simply hosting a bunch of SU parties, as long as they're satisfied and their grades are high, the money should keep rolling.

That's it for our look at how to make money in Two Point Campus! While you're here, feel free to redeem all the latest Genshin Impact codes for freebies in that gacha game.

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