Temtem type chart - weakness and resistance explained

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A Temtem character running with their Temtem.
September 6, 2022: Temtem is out now! Check out the Temtem type chart below if you're struggling to deal effective damage.

After years of early access escapades, the Temtem 1.0 launch is finally here, solidifying the Temtem type chart that was introduced with the original PC lauch. We've tried our best to convey the in-game type graphic into a table that's easy to open on your phone while you play, just to make the difficult game that little bit easier.

The Temtem type chart below does exactly what you'd expect from one: it compares the type of an attacking move against the defending creature. What this means is that you'll know whether your attack with hit for double damage, quadruple damage, half damage, or absolutely zero damage before you make the choice.

For more Temtem details, check out the Temtem crossplay guide we recently wrote up. For a bit of a retrospective, our Temtem preview is a good read as well. That first page actually details how the game runs on Nintendo Switch, too. Spoiler alert: it runs just fine.

Temtem type chart

Temtem Type Super Effective (x2 damage) Not Very Effective (x0.5 damage)
Neutral TypeNoneMental
Fire TypeNature, CrystalFire, Water, Earth
Nature TypeFire, Earth, DigitalWater, Earth, Toxic
Water TypeWater, EarthFire, Earth, Toxic
Electric TypeWater, Mental, Wind, DigitalFire, Earth, Toxic
Mental TypeFire, Electric, CrystalWater, Nature, Wind
Earth TypeNeutral, MeleeCrystal
Wind TypeToxicElectic, Wind
Crystal TypeMental, Digital, MeleeNone
Digital TypeEarth, CrystalNone
Melee TypeElectric, MentalFire, Earth
Toxic TypeWater, NatureEarth, Digital, Crystal, Toxic

 Take a look above and you'll learn which moves deal double damage to a target of a specific type. For example: using a Fire-type move against a Nature or Crystal Temtem results in double damage. If they're of both types, you'll deal 4x damage instead.

On the other end of things, resistances mean using a Fire-type attack against a Fire, Water, or Earth-type Temtem means you'll deal half damage you would typically deal to a basic match-up like Fire against Neutral.

How to remember the Temtem type chart

If you're looking at the Temtem type chart as a Pokemon player, there are some similarities between the two you can use to easily remember type effectiveness. For the most part, types in Temtem mirror Pokemon: they just use different names. For example: the weaknesses of the Crystal type are similar to the Steel type in Pokemon.

There are obviously some exceptions to this rule, however. The Digital type present in Temtem doesn't really have a Pokemon analogue available, so you'll need to add a few new ones to your memory banks there. Here's a quick reference of things:

  • Fire = Fire
  • Nature = Grass
  • Crystal = Steel
  • Water = Water
  • Earth = Ground
  • Toxic = Poison
  • Mental = Psychic
  • Electric = Electric
  • Wind = Flying
  • Melee = Fighting
  • Digital = N/A

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A previous version of this guide was written by Dom Needler.

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