What to do after beating Starfield

A blue plant in front of a city landscape in Starfield.

A blue plant in front of a city landscape in Starfield.
November 3, 2023: It's time to look at post-game activities in Starfield.

Starfield is Bethesda’s latest outing in creating an expansive world filled with a seemingly endless amount of content. But all good things do end, and Starfield's main story is finite. So this begs the question: What are some things to do after beating Starfield?

We've listed a few things you can try out once you're done with the game's main story. They range from exciting ways to extend your main story playtime, alongside some distractions in-game to keep you busy.

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Here is what to do after beating Starfield

Try out community mods

You can’t beat the modding community for any Bethesda game, and that’s really part of what makes them so special. In regards to Starfield, Todd Howard himself stated during a Reddit AMA that the game will have “full mod support” on PC, just like other Bethesda titles, sometime after launch.

So whether you want every NPC to wear huge cowboy hats or enjoy fan content that aims to enhance the game experience, the modders for Starfield will be hard at work to make your playthrough more enjoyable. But while you’re waiting for mod support to be implemented, you can enjoy the other aspects of Starfield’s post-game content.

Complete all extra quests

Besides your main quests, Starfield features four other types of quests for you to complete. These being:

  • Side quests
  • Companion quests
  • Faction quests
  • Radiant quests
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With so many extra quests, it’ll definitely be a while before you get through all of them. And even if you do, there’s still more game to be played!

Visit and explore every planet in Starfield

Now, this is a tall ask for even the most dedicated gamers, considering Starfield has a staggering number of planets. Over 1,000, to be more exact. Many of them you’ll find yourself going through in the process of completing the main quests, but a lot of them are optional, letting you decide if setting foot on them is worth the time and effort.

Well, we’re here to tell you that so many of these planets are well worth the hours you’ll spend to visit and chart them. Whether your goal is to discover new resources, meet NPCs, or even just find gorgeous landscapes, you’ll find a lot of value in charting Bethesda’s massive new open world.

Starfield character exploring a gem-covered planet.
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Credit: Bethesda

Earn all achievements and trophies

For some games, earning all achievements is a cakewalk, while for others, not so much. But for a game as massive as Starfield, you can be sure that getting your hands on that 1,000 Gamerscore will be a daunting challenge.

Still, if you’re dedicated enough to become one of the first few to really conquer the worlds of Starfield, then this challenge just might be for you. And it doesn’t hurt that you might have tons of fun doing it!

Finish New Game Plus and more

This is the path for those truly dedicated gamers, the ones committed to completing everything that Starfield offers. Of course, you start this by doing New Game Plus, which is available to you after you complete the main story. Through this, you could make new choices, side with different factions, and just play through all the other possibilities the game puts in front of you, that you didn't select the first time.

You could also replay the game incorporating fun new twists that make your journey even more exciting. One such twist could be attempting a Pacifist route or the closest possible thing to it. Another would be a much harsher permadeath route, where if you die once, you start the game all over again. Maybe you’re more of a speedrunner, so you choose to blitz through the game as fast as possible. The possibilities are really endless.

But there you have it, that's our suggestions for what to do once you've completed the main questline in Starfield. For more space travelling content, be sure to check out our other guides on what the max level is and whether there's a survival mode in Starfield .

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