Splatoon 3 beginner tips - Help for newcomers

Splatsville in Splatoon 3

Splatsville in Splatoon 3
September 14, 2022: Get the edge with these Splatoon 3 beginner tips.

If you're new to the Splatoon franchise, you'll notice there are a lot of things going on. Here are some Splatoon 3 beginner tips we suggest to help get to grips with the game and its mechanics.

Are you a fresh new Inkling? Or a returning veteran? Anyone can benefit from some pointers as we head to Splatsville for another round of ink-flinging fun. While it's easy to get lost in the paint, there are things we should be conscious of, especially when we're shopping for new outfits or weapons.

There is a pre-release Splatfest happening for Splatoon 3, which means we can test the new game and the new weapons ahead of release day. Check out the new mini-game, Tableturf Battle, and the Next Wave of the formidable Salmon Run. For a rundown of what to expect, check out our Splatoon 3 preview!

Splatoon 3 beginner tips

Play the single-player mode

The single-player mode in Splatoon has a fun load of lore to learn about. That all comes through a quirky story involving the main character and previous faces like Callie and Marie. On top of that, it will also teach you how to use different weapons and combat the range of obstacles and enemies.

Inkling and new special in Splatoon 3
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Get to know your loadout

Each weapon comes equipped with a sub and a special weapon to help you raise hell on the battlefield. The 'sub' weapon is usually a bomb, or sometimes a deployable item. The 'special' is then left to do some real damage, or help out teammates. The sub can be used at any time, providing you have enough ink, but the special will need to be charged over time.

Pay attention to these when choosing a weapon, and test them out when you can. Bombs are incredibly handy, and a good special can wipe out an entire team if you use it right. For beginners, we suggest choosing a weapon that has a bomb equipped, and an easy-to-use special like the Booyah Bomb or Splashdown.

Splatoon 3 players
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Test new weapons before you buy them

No one likes wasting money. Neither do Inklings - or in Splatoon 3's case, Sheldon's own brand of tickets to buy weapons in his store. When browsing the range of equipment, you can test it out and see if you like it. Don't forget to check the special and the sub, too.

This is definitely recommended so you don't end up with a weapon you're not going to use, and then can't afford a new one. There's the new recon mode that can help with this too - either the training area in the Lobby or the game's actual stages to run around in.

Find your preferred weapon class

In Splatoon there are quite a few different types of weapons. They range from water guns to umbrellas, buckets, and now bows and arrows. Some can be trickier than others to use, and each player will have their own preference as to how they work and how much ink they shoot.

Players will also find that they prefer certain sub and special weapons, too, which are locked to the weapon they come with. It is highly recommended to find your preferred method, but also to try others and experiment. Do you want to focus on coverage, or do you want to pick off innocent squids with a sniper? The choice is yours.

Ranked mode gameplay in Splatoon 3
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Turn off motion controls if you're not feeling it

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Splatoon starts with motion controls equipped. Some people love it, some hate it. Get rid of them if you're not a fan of the movement and choose to move with the sticks instead. Simply give it a try, and if it sticks like paint, leave them on. If not, wipe them out.

Clothing isn't just about style

As you scroll through your available clothing, you'll notice icons next to each piece. These are the abilities that come with clothing, headgear, or shoes. These will add to your speed, reduce your ink consumption, or even make you invisible when swimming in ink.

Keep your eyes on the abilities of the items you choose, and equip new ones that you prefer so you can really buff your inkling's skills.

Splatoon 3 clothing magazine
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Don't be afraid to jump in

Splatoon has more than just one mode of play, and the others can be overwhelming to new players. But who cares? Jump in and try them out! Don't worry about letting down a team by being bad - everyone's learning together, especially with these newfangled weapons in the Splatlands.

Salmon Run, and the ranked modes like Splat Zones, are super fun and have different goals than the normal Turf War. They'll give you different rewards too, like a new rank and items, so don't be afraid to give them a go.

Ink is victory

Remember that above all else, in order to win a Turf War, your team needs to ink the most turf. Sure, Splats are cool, but get that ground painted!

That's it for our picks of some handy beginner tips in Splatoon 3! For more on other wacky shooters, check out the rarest Fortnite skins, as well of a breakdown of the recent GTA Online weekly update. With GTA 6 somewhere on the horizon, now is the time to get excited.

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