Splatoon 3 weapons - All new, old, and upcoming weapons

An Inkling firing ink from a blaster in Splatoon 3.

An Inkling firing ink from a blaster in Splatoon 3.
September 14, 2022: Have you decided on your favourite Splatoon 3 weapons yet?

There’s not long to wait now for Splatoon 3, and more information is coming out by the day for the third ink-slinging title. A lot of Splatoon 3 weapons are already confirmed to be in the game thanks to trailers and other promotional images.

Splatoon is Nintendo’s answer to a PVP shooter - but instead of harmful weapons, you shoot paint around to cover the most turf… while also smooshing your opponents. The debut game was on the Wii U, and the sequels will both have been released on Nintendo Switch.

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New Splatoon 3 weapons

Weapons are the bread and butter of the Splatoon series. Because of this, it is imperative that developers keep the rotation fresh, while also balancing the type and abilities of previous games' choices.

Splatoon 3 promises new weapon classes, which will keep players on their toes. One class we know of for sure is the Stringer class, a weapon shaped like a bow and arrow. The Tri-Stringer has been seen in the trailers and seems to be made of a fishing rod. It fires three lines of ink and has levels of charge to do more damage.

Recently announced in the Splatoon Direct is the Splatana class of weapons. These resemble a long sponge on a stick and can fire ink out flying forwards. Your Inkling can charge swipes too, to properly splat the competition.

A Splatoon 3 Inkling with the new iteration of the Splattershot weapon
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Returning Splatoon 3 weapons

Recently, the official Splatoon pages confirmed that all of the basic weapons from previous games will be returning to Splatoon 3. This adds to weapons that were spotted in Turf War and Salmon Run trailers.

All classes are seen to be coming back. Some of the classic weapons have had a makeover, like the Blaster, Splattershot and .96 Gal, but they are the same as before. Here is our full list of all confirmed weapons so far:


  • Splat Dualies
  • Dapple Dualies
  • Glooga Dualies


  • Aerospray MG
  • .96 Gal
  • .52 Gal
  • Jet Squelcher
  • NZap '85
  • H-3 Nozzlenose
  • Splash-O-Matic
  • Splattershot Pro
  • Splattershot
  • Splattershot Jr.
  • Sploosh-O-Matic


  • Dynamo Roller
  • Gold Dynamo Roller
  • Splat Roller


  • Blaster
  • Clash Blaster
  • Luna Blaster
  • Range Blaster


  • Classic Squiffer
  • E-Liter 4k
  • Splat Charger


  • Explosher
  • Slosher
  • Sloshing Machine
  • Tri-Slosher


  • Heavy Splatling
  • Hydra Splatling


  • Splat Brella
  • Tenta Brella
  • Undercover Brella


  • Ink Brush
  • Octobrush
Splatoon 3 Crab Tank special weapon
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Special weapons in Splatoon 3

The really interesting bit is the special weapons - those shown so far are all brand new or remade specials coming to Splatoon 3. There are some super fun-looking additions, like the Zipcaster or the Crab Tank, which is already a fan favourite.

  • Triple Inkstrike - Players launch the three missiles into the air, and then throw beacons to control where they land, like the Inkstrike from Splatoon.
  • Ink Vac - Showcased recently on social media, the Ink Vac does as the name suggests: sucks up ink for players to shoot back with a vengeance.
  • Trizooka - Based on the Inkzooka from Splatoon, this time it fires three strikes.
  • Killer Wail 5.1 - This is a mix of the Killer Wail from Splatoon, and the Princess Cannon from the Shifty Stations. Six small speakers fly out and leave a trail of ink.
  • Crab Tank - Able to curl up into a ball or move around, this mech can climb walls while inking all surfaces. It has two modes of shooting ink, too. Sure to be a deadly choice.
  • Big Bubbler - Another re-do of a Splatoon original, this acts as a deployable safe zone, ensuring no enemy ink can touch you.
  • Zipcaster - When activated, Ink- and Octolings will turn into a stretchy form able to jump to walls and zoom across the map. This also leaves pools of ink wherever the player touches.
  • Tacticooler - A deployable fridge that has beverages for you and your team, that provide some sweet buffs!
  • Wave Breaker - A turret-like weapon that sends pulsing rings out to damage enemies. If you're quick, you can jump over them.
  • Reefslider - Resembling a muzzled and inflatable shark, it appears like the Kraken of old. Barge straight into your enemies and take them out!
Splatoon 3 specials
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Splatoon 3 loadouts

Splatana Wiper
Ultra Stamp
Killer Wail 5.1
Toxic Mist
E-Liter 4K Scope
Wave Breaker
Ink Mine
E-Liter 4K
Wave Breaker
Ink Mine
Ink Vac
Splat Bomb
Splat Charger
Ink Vac
Splat Bomb
Triple Inkstrike
Splat Bomb
Toxic Mist
Heavy Splatling
Wave Breaker
Hydra Splatling
Booyah Bomb
Tenta Brella
Ink Vac
Squid Beakon
Splat Brella
Triple Inkstrike
Dark Tetra Dualies
Splat Dualies
Crab Tank
Suction Bomb
Suction Bomb
Killer Wail 5.1
Splat Bomb
Splat Roller
Big Bubbler
Curling Bomb
Dynamo Roller
N-Zap '85
Suction Bomb
Luna Blaster
Splat Bomb
Big Bubbler
Splattershot Pro
Crab Tank
Angle Shooter
Splattershot Jr.
Big Bubbler
Splat Bomb
Aerospray MG
Fizzy Bomb
Suction Bomb
.52 Gal
Killer Wail 5.1
Splash Wall

The use of these in trailers has shown us which weapons they may be tied to, for instance, the Big Bubbler is part of the Splat Roller's loadout. We're also now able to see some other basic weapons subs and specials thanks to the Splatfest demo.

Sub weapons in Splatoon 3

Some new sub-weapons are starting to come out, such as the Angle Shooter, which throws a straight beam of ink, that can bounce around corners! This will surely take our sniping to the next level.

We have also seen some of the classics:

  • Splat Bombs
  • Curling Bombs
  • Autobombs
  • Suction Bombs
  • Splash Walls

Now that you know what to expect with the Splatoon 3 weapons list, check out the finalized Splatoon 3 weapons tier list to pinpoint which one has the power and pazazz to serve as your main.

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