Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gift Codes - Free Star Coins and Rare Stones

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Image of Kirby running in a field in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Need some Kirby and the Forgotten Land gift codes? Our handy guide will run through all the freebies you can claim in the pink blob's latest adventure. HAL Laboratories has been exceptionally generous with coupons in this game, and it's definitely worth redeeming them all once you first start out on Kirby's latest adventure.

This guide will not only run through all the codes currently available to use in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but we'll also explain exactly what they unlock, and how to redeem them.


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Table of Contents

All Working Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gift Codes

  • MOUTHFULMODE - 100 Star Coins and Car Mouth cake
  • KIRBYMICROSITE - 150 Star Coins and Attack Boost
  • BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM - 500 Star Coins and Attack Boost
  • CLEARDEMO - 300 Star Coins
  • FIRSTPASSWORD - 100 Star Coins
  • KIRBYSTORY - 300 Star Coins
  • KIRBYTHEGOURMET - Rare Stone and Car Mouth cake
  • NEWADVENTURE - 300 Star Coins and Rare Stone

The following Kirby and the Forgotten Land gift codes have sadly expired. These were confirmed as not working on March 30, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • None of our Kirby and the Forgotten Lands codes have expired yet. Hooray!
Image of a successful code redemption in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

How Do I Use Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gift Codes?

  • Load up Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and head to the Waddle Dee Town hub world.
  • Go north from Kirby's house to Waddle Dee-liveries, and talk to the shopkeeper.
  • Choose a code from our list and type it into the text box.
  • If the code is active, you'll find your reward in a gift box outside Kirby's house!

Actually going about redeeming these Kirby and the Forgotten Land gift codes isn't the most straightforward process. It involves quite a bit of menu-sifting, and you'll need to have played a good amount of the game before you even unlock the mechanic.

Yes, you redeem codes at the Waddle Dee-liveries stall in Waddle Dee Town. However, that's only unlocked once you've rescued 55 Waddle Dees throughout the course of the story. That'll likely take at least an hour of gameplay, so make sure you've got Waddle Dee-liveries in your hub world before following the steps below.

What Are Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gift Codes?

Kirby and the Forgotten Land gift codes are easy freebies that grant you extra in-game items. They come totally randomly, but are hugely useful in bolstering the amount of resource you have, which can make some of the game's trickier segments that bit more manageable.

The two main rewards from codes in this game are Star Coins and Rare Stones. Those are the two main collectibles, used in conjunction to upgrade the various abilities Kirby collects throughout the game. You'll pick up lots of Star Coins through general gameplay, but Rare Stones are, fittingly, more elusive.


You usually only get those by clearing the mini Treasure Road levels in between every main section. As such, these codes are really handy for getting a hold of more of them!

How Do I Get More Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gift Codes?

Given Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a very new game, you can expect more gift codes to arrive soon in the future. Your best place to check is the official Nintendo Twitter account, which has shared codes in the past upon the game's release. Other sources aren't likely to have their own codes, so keep looking at verified Nintendo sources and you should find some new freebies down the line.

Of course, you can also bookmark this page and check back often. We'll update our list once new Kirby and the Forgotten Land gift codes arrive, so feel free to stick around for all the newest coupons. Why not also check out code guides for some Roblox games, including Pet Simulator X codes and Adopt Me codes? They bring the Kirby feel to mobile devices!