How to get tarp in Sons of the Forest

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The character found a tarp on the beach in Sons of the Forest.
Credit: YouTube ZaFrostPet
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There are a few ways you can follow to learn how to get tarp in Sons of the Forest. You'll need one (or more) to build a tent as you go, so it makes sense to carry a backup. Beyond the mutant attacks, one of the most common things to happen in any Sons of the Forest run is running an unplanned expedition into the woods, leaving your tent behind. So here's how to easily set up another.

This item is a key to one of the easiest ways to save in this game. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find and there are two locations where you can obtain it. We'll likely uncover more over time, too, so you shouldn't often run the risk of having no way to pitch a tent in the middle of a run.


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How to get more tarp in Sons of the Forest

There are two main locations to get a tarp in Sons of the Forest. Check below for the map of both known locations.

The first one in the forest is an abandoned camp. Look inside one of the tents to get the elusive Sons of the Forest tarp. The second location, the beach, includes a lot of abandoned boats. You should see the tarp on the ground nearby.

The map with both locations where you can get the tarp in Sons of the Forest.

Why is the Tarp so important in Sons of the Forest?

The Tarp is used to create a tent. And with the help of the tent, you can save your progress. So, it is highly recommended to get this item as soon as possible.

Tired of your camping place and want to relocate to another? Unless you want to disassemble your tent before you head off on any potentially long excursion, you'll want to grab a second (or third) tarp to make additional camps around the island.

How to pick up your tarp in Sons of the Forest

Out of tarp? It's probably best for you to pack up your belongings and lug them around. That way you can set up a new tent when you settle back down.


To pick up your tarp, grab your axe and use it to hit one of the sticks of your tent. The materials used for the building will be dropped on the ground. If you accidentally place your tarp on the ground, aim and press the C button to pick it up.

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