The best Sons of the Forest Discord servers

The character is about to kill the turtle in Sons of the Forest.

The character is about to kill the turtle in Sons of the Forest.

Tired of playing Sons of the Forest alone? You're in luck. We've scoured the web to find a bunch of the best Sons of the Forest Discord servers. Looking for friends for multiplayer? Or maybe you want to ask questions to more experienced players? Keep reading. So long as you have a Discord account already set up, you'll be able to jump into these servers at speed to find people to play with.

Released in late February 2023 following a six-month delay and years of anticipation, there's a lot of lingering hype around this multiplayer survival horror romp. Building on the popularity of the first game, Sons of the Forest Discord servers have spawned off the back of communities build to keep the previous game alive.

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The best Sons of the Forest Discord servers

Discord is one of the most popular social gaming platforms, so it's not surprising that the biggest part of the Sons of the Forest gaming community has gathered around it.

There are bound to be a few we've missed, more we've decided not to include (if they're particularly small or unmanaged), and more springing up all the time. Here are just a few.

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Sons of the Forest Community

This is a small but fast-growing server where you can find dozens of players. If you want to play in the co-op mode then this is a good place for you to check!

Sons of the Forest Community/News

Here is another community server with dozens of members. This is a perfect place to find some companions for the co-op mode, read some news about Sons of the Forest, and even take part in some giveaways!

The Forest Community Server

You could guess by the name that this server is related to the previous game of the series.

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However, there you will also find lots of Sons of the Forest players. The population on this server is bigger than on the previous two - likely because it's been around forever, thriving on the popularity of a game that's nearly ten years old now.

Sons Of The Forest

This is another community server with hundreds of users and there you will definitely find some fans of the game for the co-op mode. As you can tell by the name, this server is more focused on the sequel than the previous game.

Sons of | The Forest

Of course, our list wouldn’t be completed without this giant. This is the biggest Discord server for The Forest and Sons of the Forest, where you'll find thousands of players and separate rooms for different languages like English, German, French, Russian, and more.

If you're struggling to find a multi-language SotF Discord server, this one will probably do.

Sons of the Forest is a huge game. And it's only set to grow over time. If you want to find certain information about it, try to ask other players. Join any of the mentioned Discord servers and you should quickly find some friends to play with.

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