How to get Iron Hands in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Iron Hands stood in the wild in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Want to know how to get Iron Hands in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Then let us look at how you can get Iron Hands, the Paradox Hariyama, for your party!

The sleek, metallic 'Mon is a Fighting and Electric-typ,e and packs a heavy punch with its new, entirely metal, body. It can be a mysterious Pokemon to locate thanks to the two different versions of Generation 9 games, but there are ways around that.

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How to get Iron Hands in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Sorry, Scarlet players, you won't find Iron Hands in the wild. You're only going to get the ancient-themed Pokemon. Violet players, though, can potentially see Iron Hands in the wild.

The Pokedex unhelpfully lists it with a 'habitat unknown' label, but this makes sense given that it is a Paradox Pokemon. Due to this, it is only available as a post-game Pokemon, so you will need to complete the story of Scarlet and Violet first.

Once this is done, and you find yourself in The Way Home story, you can unlock and explore Area Zero. This is where Iron Hands may appear. According to some players, the first tree in this area is where they reliably spawn.

We did find, though, that a lot of Iron Hands are making their way around in Surprise Trades, so you may get lucky that way!

Iron Hands very close to the camera in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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What are Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

Paradox Pokémon are a group of refreshed Pokemon that appear in the post-game story of Generation 9, specifically futuristic ones for Violet, and prehistoric options in Scarlet.

They include Iron Hands, the Paradox Hariyama, Scream Tail, which is a prehistoric Jigglybuff, and Iron Valiant, a futuristic Gallade. You can't evolve or breed them, but if you manage to catch them, they make a strong addition to your team.

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