All gear in Pikmin 4 - How to get

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Pikmin 4 playground

If you're looking to get all gear in Pikmin 4, you have likely come up against a roadblock or particularly tough battle and need a bit of help. Luckily, gear offers you permanent buffs that can help you through even the most tedious parts of the game.

In this guide, we'll go over all the gear available in Pikmin 4, what it does, and how much it costs to grab it. This should serve as a base of knowledge to work towards your next major upgrade.

All gear in Pikmin 4

Here are all the bits of gear you can grab in Pikmin 4. Unlike the more traditional items, these can only be purchased once, and operate as a permanent upgrade, allowing you to traverse more environments or take more damage. Generally speaking, you should aim to grab these as soon as possible as they will help you out greatly.

Here's all the gear we have found throughout our time with Pikmin 4:

Gear name Cost (raw materials) Use
Survey Drone10A flying drone you can control to survey the world and spot treasures/items
Idle Counter40Counter in the bottom-right corner showing how many Pikmin are currently stood idle
Treasure Gauge40Acts like a metal detector for treasure and castaways
Tuff Stuff40Increased HP for player character
Tuff Stuff+120Increases Oatchi's HP
Headlamp30A torch that illuminates dark caves
Anti-Electrifier50Lets you touch electrified gates without getting shocked and losing HP
Anti-Electrifier (Oatchi)100Same as above but for Oatchi
Rush Boots120Lets you run faster
Power Whistle120Increases the range of the whistle that attracts Pikmin
Air Armor80Oatchi will take less damage from attacks
Scorch Guard50Makes the player character fireproof to walk through flaming areas
Scorch Guard (Oatchi)100Same as above but for Oatchi
Triple Threat40Lets the player character now hit obstacles/enemies like Pikmin and Oatchi can
Thermal Defense50Stops your character from freezing
Thermal Defense (Oatchi)100Same as above but for Oatchi
Brace Boots80Prevents you from being blown away by enemy wind attacks
Gunk Busters240You and Oatchi can run through gunk without being slowed down
Sniff Saver100Oatchi can break down toxic mushrooms by sniffing them

How to get gear in Pikmin 4

If you are looking to get new gear in Pikmin 4, you have to speak to Russ, the Rescue Corps professor. You will spot him by the spanner icon above his head. If you look for this, you can find him pretty easily.


From here, you just have to talk to him and he will let you buy whatever gear you can afford. At the start of the game, you will only have a handful of items available to you. You will continue to unlock more as you play the game. If you want some of the gear above and haven't unlocked it yet, keep playing and you will get there!

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